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Las Caletas Couples ~ POST HERE!!! (**All LC Brides...PLEASE READ 1st post, red text)

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for those of you in the planning process, i got married at las caletas in early november.


it really is an amazing venue. the day went by so quickly for me to remember, but all of our friends said it was the best wedding ever. we had about 75 people, we stayed at secrets, which is all inclusive, and absolutely fantastic, as well as adults only. i have no complaints about the resort, it was amazing - beautiful grounds, huge rooms, great food and service.


had our welcome dinner at barcelona tapas, that place is amazing. gorgeous views, great food, we called and talked to the owner william carballo. we paid about 50pp, but my side of the family doesn't drink at all. i would highly recommend checking barcelona tapas out!


las caletas was gorgeous. i gave dramamine to the guests before the boat ride over, the ride can sometimes be choppy. getting ready with my girlfriends was great. the bridal casita can be crowded if you have too many people getting ready at the time same time though. the lunch they provided was so good. hair and makeup were gorgeous. 


the wedding itself was gorgeous. loved chuy, he kept it short but sweet. wish i had been able to take family pictures before, though. our family pictures didn't turn out well because it was so dark.. def take pictures before the ceremony, we did our bridal party ones before and they were much better. food was amazing, wish i had time to eat more of it. dj was great, had given him a song list beforehand. fire dancers are a must! if you can bring sky lanterns i would highly recommend it, they're cheaper to buy on amazon than to get there. 


everyone was pretty rowdy by the time we got on the boat, so the party continued for another hour. 


would highly recommend getting married there. one thing to consider - bringing your own photographer. las caletas is so beautiful your pictures will turn out fine. however, we were a little disappointed with our picture. that was the only thing i would change. the video, on the other hand - was amazing. i absolutely loved it, captured everything. would highly recommend getting a wedding video, that was totally worth the extra money.

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Wedding date and resort is officially booked!! We are getting married at LC March 24th and our group is staying at Riu Jalisco in Nuevo Vallarta. After everyone goes home, the hubby and I will be going over to Now Amber for our honeymoon :-)


Colors for the wedding are mint, coral/peach, ivory with touches of lace, wood and burlap. Lots of candles, soft lighting. Theme is vintage travel so if any of you have pictures from LC weddings with colors/themes like this I would love to see them!!

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Past LC brides: Do any of you have a detailed list of the types of liquor, wine, beer, cocktails, soft drinks, ect that are available during the reception. I want to make a sign of what is available to our wedding guests. Thanks in advance!

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Hi everyone, I had some LC questions:


is there anyway to start the ceremony earlier? I heard that there is little time for pictures


Did you feel like the reception time was too short? did you add an extra hour?


What about elderly guests/kids? what did you do if it got late? is there a way for them to get back earlier?


Could you bring any of your DIY stuff? What was the fee?


Was the price for extras worth it?


overall, what was your wedding experience? would you do it again?

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Hello ladies!


My fiancé and I just booked our wedding for November 2015 in Las Caletas and we are so excited!


We are just looking for resorts (near the main marina). Any suggestions?


Also, for any brides who have recently gotten married on this beautiful island, I would love to hear your experiences and see photos, thanks!



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