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Las Caletas Couples ~ POST HERE!!! (**All LC Brides...PLEASE READ 1st post, red text)

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Hi Ladies!


I have another question.... there is no electricity at Las Caletas, correct?  Does the DJ run off a generator? What about in the bridal casita?

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I just ordered my invites and I put the location as Las Caletas but for time I put "Departing from the Puerto Vallarta Marina at four thirty in the afternoon."  Any other info for the time line such as what time they would be returning I just put on the website, and I'll be printing out that info for the OOT bags.  


Originally Posted by lesley_mexico_bride View Post

Invitation question: what time and information did yall put on the invite? For instance, the ceremony might be at 6, but they need to board the boat at 4:30 in the marina..

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