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Is anyone marrying/married to a self proclaimed nerd??

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Originally Posted by LadyTrunck View Post
Update: I have just been informed that the new name for the desktop computer in the cave is named "Dragon". I love this hilarious man!
lol Too funny! I actually nicknamed a laptop "Fireball" once because it would almost burn your hands off after it was running for a while.

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This is my FI as well minus the anti-social stuff. He's a social nerd I guess.


One thing I've noticed, and his friends are starting to catch on as well, is that no matter what people are discussing, he's read some article about it and has extensive knowledge on the subject that he can recount. He sits at his computer for like 4 hours a day reading news, studies, blogs, pretty much anything. So when someone wants to talk about any topic, he knows what's going on. He is the king of useless information in my opinion.


In addition, he was probably the first person to configure his computer to Windows 7. He's had it for like a year. Somehow he searched it down and found some weird place where you could obtain it. Why? Just so he can have it first. And tell everyone about it.


I was a bit put off by this nerdyness but I can't really say anything. I'm an accountant.

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