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Wedding Review... Elizabeth Lloyd Photographer

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We just flew back from our honeymoon last night and I could not wait another minute to write my review.



Elizabeth was amazing. We loved her work as soon as we saw it but once she started taking pictures I knew we made the right decision. There she was... laying on the cobblestone street trying to get the best shot, Climbing on cars, asking a diner in a local restaurant to give us a moment in the restaraunt window because I liked the blue building....all of this in white capris which were brown by the end of the night. We described what we liked to her a few months before hand. We are not the lets pose for a picture kind of couple, we are all about candid shots which she ran with the whole evening. She did tell our guests that right after dinner they could take more of the family shots and couple shots. She definitely knows exactly what she is doing and in a few years I will thank her for these shots. Elizabeth was accompanied by her assistant Jonathan. He caught a lot of the same shots but at different angles and lighting. At times I forgot they were there but then I would look up and there was Jonathan taking pictures during dinner thru the balcony.


They both made it a very natural experience. The reception was at a beautiful Villa in Conchas Chinas and they definitely used all the details and lighting in there pictures. By the end of the evening it felt like they were a part of our wedding party:) At one point I was very hot and Elizabeth


They were both very passionate about their art and they truly made us feel like they enjoyed sharing this experience with us.

I won't see the pictures for a few weeks but I will post them as soon as I get them.


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Originally Posted by Sandy View Post
Britany - beautiful slide show! What's the name of the song in your slideshow..I think it's portugese? - so cute!
Thanks! Beth actually picked out the music...I think it's Spanish, but honestly don't know!?! I guess I really should find out, huh! :) I'll let you know...

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