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Gifts for the guys???

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#11 ebernard4985

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    Posted 13 November 2009 - 12:16 PM

    Hey girls. I am making my BMs starfish necklaces. Swarovski crystals have starfish beads and also sand dollar beads. If you make jewelry then I would recommend it. The necklaces I am making will average to about $25 each with the crystals and nice silver hooks ect.

    I am also trying to figure something out for a gift for them, the necklace just does not seem like enough when I have asked them to come so far for my wedding. My sister gave all of her girls cute coach coin purses that we all still use. I was thinking about going to the coach outlet to see if there is any cute bag I can find them. I would like to keep it under $150 though. I only have 3 BMs so I want to do something nice for them.

    As for the guys, I am completely lost. I thought about watches but they all have several of them already. Again, it is our 3 brothers as the groomsmen and I want to do something nice. I thought about doing a fishing charter for them in Mexico but then that is a one day and it's done kind of gift, should it be something they can keep?


    #12 *Nadine*

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      Posted 13 November 2009 - 03:10 PM

      I got my girls spa wraps and Lodis clutches - I went a little overboard on them b/c they are doing so much for me.
      And my FI got the guys leather bags (like work bags, not briefcases but ones they can take too and from work) from Cutter & Buck. They loved them

      #13 KarenM

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        Posted 13 November 2009 - 08:00 PM

        Oooh, I like the ideas of leather bags, the grill set & the chairs for the guys!

        I'm getting a bunch of smaller things for the girls (clutch, jewelry, flip flops, spa wrap, etc) but for the guys we wanted to do one bigger thing (we're also buying their shirts). Right now we've been tossing around the ideas of a Kindle or maybe a small camcorder for 2 of the guys. The 3rd (my bro) needed a new computer cuz his died so FI built him one & we just sent it to him as our gift for being in the wedding. He was really excited about it & we were glad to give him something he needed.

        Some other ideas - maybe an ipod nano or mp3 player if they don't have one?
        Or maybe a camera? There are some good ones for around $150
        Digital Cameras under $150 - Unbiased digital camera reviews, prices, and advice

        Do the guys have any hobbies? If they like to fish would they want a really good fishing rod? (you could give it to them before so you wouldn't have to bring it).

        Still not sure what we'll do for our parents though.

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