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New - Runaway Bay 10.10.10

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New bride - Sandy T

Date - 10.10.10 (binary!!)

Where - villa in Runaway Bay, Jamaica


I am stressing already because my wedding planner has gone rogue!

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Thanks for the encouragement! And yes, I am Dir of Cust Service and IT. Me and the man are both dorks ;P


I am psyched about this forum! Already I have found some vendors that I have contacted. So long story short, the wedding planner sent me this long list of "options" yesterday to choose from... mind you I had asked her specifically to focus on finding vendors so I could make selections that way. Instead she sends me a list with extremely overpriced items ($450 for hair and makeup for JUST the bride) and even though my caterer is flying in, she gives me a food menu that included "curried goat." I am fairly certain curried goat will not go over well with my family that has never left the US. ahaha

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