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Trisha's Las Caletas & PVR wedding review ** UPDATED with Photos #25 **

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I guess they're my personal touch. Everything I wanted (arrangements for aisle, tables, bridesmaid bouquets, etc) I sent photos down to Kelley over email and then she talked to the florist and would get pricing for me. Everything ended up being very close to the photos -- they did a great job. So yes, I paid extra for everything, but it was worth it!!

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WOW - wow WoW!!! Loving the photos! Nate did an amazing job. Your TTD ones are my favorite but I think that's because i'm bias and am obsessed with TTD shoot myself cheesy.gif


Congrats! I can't wait to go back to Las caletas!


Oh and I also updated your thread title to include pics wink.gif

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Hi Trish,


Congrats on your wedding - it all sounds amazing! I am actually getting married on June 12, 2010 at Las Caletas and can hardly believe I leave in under 2 weeks! My group is also staying at Dreams Villamagna and I was wondering if you have a recommendation of a bar at the hotel to have my guests meet at for a welcome drink? I don't want to set something up through the hotel - but just wanted a good meeting spot the night the majority of our guests arrive. We do have a couple kids in our party - therefore, I wasn't sure if the Sushi bar would work. Any tips you have would be great!


Thanks and congrats again!


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Originally Posted by Andi View Post
OMG! LOVE IT! popcorn.gif

I am such a sapp I totally tear up at every LC review I read! cry.gif

SOOOOO glad everything went well for you!

Can't wait to see more pics!

I love the feeling and excitement you got when you saw your flowers on the boat! for me that was so cool to see them there too! I was so excited when I saw the box of flowers on the boat!!!!

I love that your guests loved it all too!

awww I know what you mean about leaving Kelly at the end of the night! I felt the same way when I had to say goodbye to Nicole too sad.gif I just felt so close to her after all the planning and I sure hope I can see her again too!


be sure to share your pics!
I love your pro pics! So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

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