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OOT Bags - Gift Tag Wording

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Originally Posted by Crystal&Matt2010 View Post

I am struggling for something to write on the OOT bags gift tag. If anyone used anything creative that they would like to share I would really appreciate it!! Sorry if there is already a thread on this, I searched several times and couldn't find anything.

My back up option:

Words can not express
how happy we are to say,
thank you for coming,
on our very special day!

Thoughts? Thanks!!
We did something more personal... We had a small group 25 guests.. I made personalized badges to pin on the bags so that people knew their bags apart. On the badge I had a picture and a nickname for that guest. I didn't take pictures however my guests loved them and kept them pinned on there bags.. I did drawstring sport bags for oot bags... an example my friends daughter is name Kristen and she is very special to us, I downloaded the logo for Special K cereal and that was her nickname "Special K". Another good friend is a vegetarean and I downlaod a pic of a whopper hamburger and He was known as "The Whopper". It takes a while and you kinda have to know people pretty good.... My guest just loved it because it was personalized... My 2 cents... Good luck... Oh bought blank badges at Michaels craft store

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This is what we are using on ours, it's kind of long but we had them printed on the back of business cards with our logo on the front. I stole it from another BDW bride and changed a few words.


As we come upon our special day,

Jason and Erica would like to say…

Welcome to Mexico, and enjoy your stay.

We thank you for coming all this way.


Please enjoy these gifts that we all share.

They are brought to you with our love and care.

Letâ€s celebrate and keep those cocktails within reach.

As we exchange our vows this Wednesday on the beach!






~ Erica

So cute! Love that!

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