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My Wedding Review

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Originally Posted by canadianheather View Post
We used VIP limo's to transport everyone from the Forum shops to New York New York. They too were great to work with. And in fact had lowered their rates from the time we initially booked and gave us the better price. We also decided to use two limos instead of just one and they were able to accomodate our request 24 hrs prior to the event. We were required to be at the piano bar by 9pm and course we were running 15 min late and the strip was jam packed!!! Our driver quickly found a back route and had us there in no time!!!

Bar at Time's Square - New York New York
Ok well the evening ended up well but I had all kinds of problems getting ahold of people. Turns out the girl i initially contacted and signed a contract with was let go prior to our event. Luckily I had kept copies of teh contract along with all of our email transactions. So they did honor the contract which i was very thankful for because their new fees required us to pre-pay for alcohol for a certain time period which would have cost us close to $5000. And I certainly didn't have an extra $5000 45-30 days prior to the wedding. So once that was all straightened out I had to pay the balance the of the depost which covered everyone's entrance fee. I emailed and called and was unable to get ahold of anyone. This was the most frustrating part of dealing with this company. They were absolutely horrible to try to get ahold of and never called you back!
In the end though, there was a manager waiting for us when we arrived (not the woman i had been talking to) who took care of us. They did a head count and only charged us for the exact number of people who attended rather than the number we had initially given them a few months back. They had enough seats for everyone and even made us a mini dance floor in our sectioned off area. The entertainment was awesome which is why we booked it in the first place. Everyone had a great time and they let my brother perform on the piano and me sing a song. Even our waitress was incredible; had drinks in front of us all night long!
Overall, everything worked out but I was completely stressed about this part of the evening simply because no one could call me back. But we had a great time and many of our guests (including us) were there till the bar closed at 2am!

I am so thankful to all the vendors we used who all made our day so special. Absolutely the best day of my life!!!!
congrads and I can't wait to see some of your wedding and reception pictures

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