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Our TTD and wedding teaser - we used paint in TTD!

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Abbie, you can see the TTD teaser on my photogs website...


Tampa Florida Wedding Photography, South west Florida, South East Florida, Miami & Beyond - Wes Weber Photography specializes in Modern & Creative Wedding Photography & Portrait Photography


The wedding teaser is only on his facebook though.


Someone asked about what dress I used....I had 2 wedding dresses. I actually didnt decide until the morning of the wedding which one I was going to use. I had a replica dress made that I used for the wedding. Grant later told me hes glad I wore that one for the wedding so glad I picked it! The other dress was a fun tea length Marilyn Monroe inspired dress. My crinoline was pink, so we picked up Grant a pink shirt to wear during the TTD. I think it was perfect for the TTD session :)


THe paint was washable paint so it came right off us, but we let the clothes dry out. We are going to frame it or maybe use it for a matte for some of the pictures.

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