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Morning Girls, So I leave for my site visit to the Royal Cancun, in 2 weeks and while we are already booked and locked in, I feel there are still things to go over and be asked. My mind has a million things going through it for this wedding and Ive sat down the last 2 days to write a list of questions, and came up with only 1, "Open bar is included in my package, right?" On that note, I was wondering if anyone has a list, or any questions you think need to be asked, please send them my way. Thanks girls

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Here is a little post that we have talked about many times... let us know if this helps and you need more! We have lots of this information listed for brides.

Best of luck.



What locations are available for your ceremony and reception?


~ Privacy is usually a big concern among brides, whether they are being married in their home town or travelling to a tropical destination.


The Mexico destination couple may envision their wedding on a remote section of beach sharing their vows with only each other, their guests, and Mother Nature. If this sounds like you, you will need to be very careful when choosing a resort.


Although some resorts can offer exactly what you are looking for, others just can't offer as much privacy. For example, hotels that are found within Playa Del Carmen are sharing the beach with many other resorts, as well as the locals (like us!). These beaches get very busy and beach weddings tend to attract a lot of uninvited guests. Such resorts may offer a garden gazebo or more private location away from the busy beach.


Sand is also a consideration. If you imagine yourself barefoot as you approach your soon to be husband, then sand is the perfect choice. High heals... not so conducive to sand.


Sun or shade? Gazebos offer shade for you and your guests. That Mexican sun can get pretty hot but it's probably part of the reason you chose to get married here! Don't worry, even when the ceremony location is in full sun the wedding coordinator will keep your guests in the shade until the ceremony is ready to begin.


~ Is it important for you to have a private area available for your reception and dance?


Not all wedding packages offer a private location for your party afterwards. Be sure to inquire about the available options, capacity of each, and whether or not there will be extra fees associated to booking them.

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I've been advised by my TA to get all answers in writing and bring a copy with you when you go.


I have found out things on this forum that the WC didn't tell me upfront when I originally contacted the resort. For example, I was contacting the RPRM to book a 35 person wedding party and intended on getting a DJ, which they said was an option.

... BUT I found out that you actually need 57 people in order to be guaranteed an oppurtunity to get a DJ... because of this forum I am actually not booking at the RPRM and am now researching another destination. Why fly everyone out there when you won't be guaranteed the wedding if your dreams??

My advise is to be very specific when asking questions. Happy Planning!

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