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Legal Documentation for Marriage in Mexico

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Hi Gals: I have just got a email back from my WC from BP Tulum and she has told me that we only need our passports, marriage application (which was a form she had sent me), tourist cards (which we get when we arrive), blood tests and 4 witnesses. I was under the impression we needed long form birth certificates, divorce decrees (we were both previously married) and passports, tourist cards, blood tests. The birth certs. and divorce decrees were to be translated into spanish also.


I am confused now as she has told me I do not need these docs. Can anybody shed some light on this for me. I want to make sure our marriage is legal!!


Thanks Dawn

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i have been here.when we booked our ta told me we would need birth certificates,passports translated into spanish along with our visas that you get when you enter mexico.


i have spoken to a translation company twice as she told me to ring back 3mths prior to wedding to ensure the law had changed.


she said each town even each resort has different requirements.but she has confirmed twice that we only need our english passports and english birth certificates and our visa.from what she told me if you had been married before you would need your divorce decrees?


i would email her back just asking that question making it clear you are both divorced.also after i stopped worrying about it think of it like this.take all of the above with you then after you have had a meeting with your wc when you arrive at the resort im sure they can get stuff translated straight away anyway.


but by the sounds of it i think she is right but just double check.and the blood tests we have to have of course.


hope you get sorted so you have 1 less thing to worry about

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Hi, not sure if you've had the answer to this question confirmed. I was very confused by this but had an answer approx 2 months ago from my WC in Tulum saying we only need our passports, birth certificates & tourist visas given on entry to Mexico.


Im prob gonna take several photocopies of both our birth certificates and passports just cause im extra cautious. Im led to beleive that the paperwork requirements have been relaxed.


As shellk recommends I would just double check about the divorce thing as I stressed we had not been married before so my info was based on this fact.


On a related note my British travel agent is unaware that the requirements have been relaxed and if I had chosen to allow their WC to assist me I would be required to provide and pay for extensive paperwork and translations. If only to save yourself a lot of unneccessary expense and effort I would double check with your contact in Mexico as they are bound to have the most up to date info.


Good Luck

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