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My Passport Invites (Sproullie Designs) *Pics in post 8

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Originally Posted by ddk5576 View Post
Those are great!! Perfect!! Any way you can give me an idea of how much they were? We are trying to figure out which route to go with the passport invites-doing some comparison shopping! Any info on pricing would be greatly appreciated!! Much Thanks!

Hi ddk5576!

With Sarah, the pricing was as follows:

$40 non-refundable Design fee
I got the 6-page passports which are $4.00 each (she also has two-page save the date passports at $2.75 each and 10-page passports at $5.00 each)
Shipping is $10
Rush fee is $75
RSVP postcards are 75 cents each

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Originally Posted by jdrewett View Post
How adorable!! I love the RSVP boarding passes too! How long did it take to design/order them? What did you do for your save the dates?

Hi Jdrewett!

I did a rush order of 75 passports and RSVP boarding passes and it took about two weeks for the design and production.

I was less creative with the save-the-dates and just used e-vite :)


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Thanks meli!!!


I'm going to use this to think with tonight :)


Thank you I'm a HUGE True Blood fan and I was really suprised I didn't run into any other Sookie & Bill's, everyone freaked out when they saw us =)

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