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Runners/Walkers-- Add up the BDW Miles!

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I thought it would be fun to see how many miles to Best Destination Wedding Brides could do! So I figured that we would just keep a running total.


For example- I did 1.5 miles of a run/walk today. So the next person (lets say Susie) who comes on does 3.5 miles...add them up we've done 5 miles.... Tricia does 1.5 miles...now we are up to 6.5! And so on and so forth. I know that with all of us brides working hard that we will add up tons of miles really fast!


Good Luck everyone go burn those calories and miles!


I will start I really did run/walk 1.5 miles today!

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1.5 + 2 = 3.5 miles!


Go ladies! Watch the miles go up and the lbs go down :) I'm training for a "Freeze Your Gizzard Off" 5k with my FI! I am NOT a runner, so this is a fun challenge. I just hope I'm not the last one over the finish line!!

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