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Gun wielding undercover cops!!

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So, here's the background - we live in a pretty decent neighborhood, IMO. No obvious "bad" vibes anywhere around. Its not the greatest, but its not a $h!t hole, either.


Anyway, we've lived here three years. In the past three years, there have been 3 incidents with police arresting people on the street in front of my building.


Well, today was number 4.


I was walking from the corner to the front of the building, having just crossed at the red light, and this couple gets out of thier SUV. I look over, thinking, "OK, kind of a weird place to switch drivers, but whatever." And then I see the nice shiny HANDGUNS they are holding. Which they point at the car stopped beside them. And them point in the open window of said car.


Here's me. Walking past. A whole 10 ft away. Going: "OMG WTF IS GOING ON?? SHOULD I CALL THE COPS??" Which is followed quickly by, "I am going to get SHOT."


Then I see a few MORE people with their own shiny handguns getting out of thier cars as well. And then I hear the guy yelling "Turn off the vehicle and get out of the car! Police! Police!!"


Ok, breathe a sigh of relief, its the cops, no need to phone them, they are already here. So since I"m at my building, I pull out my keys and go inside and proceed to watch from my living room window, where it isn't raining on me and I probably won't get shot.


There were 5 undercover police vehicles and police people there to arrest this one guy (a large guy). The searched him and pulled a suspicious duffel bag from the trunk of his car.


At this point real cop vehicles have shown up - flashing lights and everything, so it wasn't quite so television, but regardless - I was freaked out.


They searched him and stuck him in the back of the cop car in front of my building. I got a real good look at his face.


Ok, ok, you ladies who are from giant cities where stuff like this happens everyday are probably laughing at me -thinking stuff like that happens every day- but jeepers! I live in Ottawa, not Toronto or New York or L.A. or something - this doesn't happen where I live!! The first time was amusing, the second time simply laughable, the third time was a little concerning, but seriously? Gun wielding undercover cops arresting a guy with a suspicious bag in the middle of traffic during rush our at my busy intersection?


I think I need to move....

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OMG - I can't believe that happened. Hopefully its still safe, maybe call the cops and ask why there has been a rise in violence.


My mom just told me this story - not as exciting as yours but what is with all these guns? My mom is a dental hygienist and she had a patient and was doing x-rays and the guy said to her - I have my gun is that ok? I couldn't believe it! He is an cop but still you are armed at the dentist office?


Crazy stuff!

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Its still kind of funny... haha I lived in Halifax NS before moving to Florida, and its small too in comparison. But i remember one time walkng by two guys and one in the others face saying he was gonna "pop him right here if he didn't shutup"... I was like OMG WTF and sped up a little! I would see about moving out of your neighbourhood, although Ottawa is pretty safe otherwise in general!! Weird...

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