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Any Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Brides out there?

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#11 kerrij

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    Posted 30 November 2009 - 04:22 PM

    Julia here is the email addy for the spa...Paula does all of the Renova Spas at all the Bahia hotels, and others too i think... paula.casas@renovaspa.com email her to get pricing and stuff. you have pay 50% upfront to reserve...so i'm kinda putting that on hold for now.
    Ahhh Misha Earle, i wanted to hire her but i think she was booked, i forget my reason. but we are bringing someone from home now and just paying for her trip! yay! But Misha is sooo good, she was one of my favorites!
    Here is Beverly's email addy incase you want to contact her... weddingplannerbpjam@bahia-principe.com
    And try Jan's Flowers for your flowers, waaaay cheaper than Tai Flowers that (spelling?) that the hotel uses. for example...to get rose petals through the hotel, the price is $85-175 and at Jan's, it's $18 including a basket!! lol i even sent Jan a pic of my bouquet i get with the package and she said she can match everything else to it!
    Chair covers are $5 each and ties i think are $2. the chairs are ugly so we decided to spend the money to get the coveres. that is all that we are doing extra for decorations. They hang tulle, Beverly can send you pics. and i think the tulle is so pretty, but you can purchase other decor. but i like the pretty simpleness of just the ocean in the background and the gazebo. aaahhhh.
    maybe if you talk to Beverly she can cut you a deal since you only have 10 people?

    #12 juliaks

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      Posted 03 December 2009 - 12:46 PM

      No deal, I have to pay full price (I tried...). Oh well, nbd. We're doing the chair covers and ties as well - did Beverly send you examples of colours? I've emailed her, so hopefully she'll get back to me soon.

      #13 kerrij

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        Posted 04 December 2009 - 12:13 PM

        Ahh too bad eh.
        no i don't have samplse of colors. she just sent me one photo of the white chair covers with royal blue ties...which didn't look too great, i prefer just the white chair covers actually.

        #14 juliaks

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          Posted 07 December 2009 - 12:17 AM

          Did you pick colours for your wedding at all?

          #15 JMarie

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            Posted 09 December 2009 - 01:16 AM

            Hi Kerri and Julia,

            I am looking into having my wedding at Gran Bahia Principe too! I am in the beginning stages of planning so I am still trying to figure out which resort. My travel agent did give me a really good price for Gran Bahia so I am highly considering booking it here... Do either of you know how the reception is set up? Do they offer a private area? I really like the gazebo were the ceremony takes place! It seems really beautiful.. Any other info would be very helpful..

            Thanks Brides!


            #16 kerrij

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              Posted 11 December 2009 - 04:04 PM

              Julia, no i didn't choose colors at all. other than what our wedding party is wearing...yellow. so really it will go with any color they provide. i didn't want to have to worry about those kinds of details. :)

              Hey Jo, I recommend GBP! but i haven't been there so i guess i can't really say. hahah
              there is a private area for the dinner/reception, but if you want the room it's $2500 extra! no thanks. BUT what we are doing is having our dinner in a restaurant, it's semi-private Beverly the WC said, (and we are having 50 people) and then for the dance after dinner we are renting the gazebo and beach area (the gazebo is awesome it's out on a peninsula shaped like a T so it's kinda private and have a private sand area) for $500 from 9-11pm and includs a DJ. but you have to pay for the bar to come down there tho, $20/person. but to me it's worth it. and then after 11pm we'll either go to the hotel's beach party that is on the same night or we'll go to the disco. I'm soooo excited!
              i looked at so many resorts before making my decision and i went with GBP and i'm so glad i did. what other resorts are you considering?

              #17 JMarie

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                Posted 13 December 2009 - 12:27 AM

                Hey Kerri,

                Thanks for the info... 2500 is very pricey for the private dinner room... I do like that idea about renting the gazebo... I have such a hard time making decisions... I was looking in to Iberostar Rose Hall Suites but It's not that affordable for my guests to come...

                Thanks again for the info..


                #18 BBC_bride

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                  Posted 14 December 2009 - 05:30 PM

                  Hi girls!
                  Well looks like I am also from Canada and I am also getting married in GBP. The other option is ROR. I've been dealing with Beverly back in september and she replied so fast unlike Chandlyn so I was all happy and hype. Things turned out so that we could not make it and we have to book again. It is funny how she gives me a few openings on monday (dates which I like and which fit us) and then on tuesday when my bf writes her she gives us different dates, saying the rest are booked. On thursday she stops replying the messages, someone in GBP responds the call and says she will be back monday, it is monday again and still no reply.
                  To be honest I am pretty frustrated with all that.
                  Or is the price you pay for the last minute kind of booking due to facing global recession?? Argh...

                  #19 kerrij

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                    Posted 17 December 2009 - 05:03 PM

                    Hey BBC...i got a little confused, so it's GBP/Beverly giving you the frustration or ROR?
                    If Beverly, i haven't heard from her in about 3 weeks. not sure why. usually she is so quick on the responses but one other time she did this too where she didn't respond for 2-3 weeks. but another thread someone was like, the WC has X number of brides a day 7 times a week, so she's dealing with a zillion brides, so i'm gonna give her one more week, if she doesnt' respond i may try calling her. but i always conmmunicate with her via email.

                    When is your wedding BBC?

                    I also just got a call from my TA from Sunquest telling us that there was construction at the hotel but would not effect any activities or restaurants. theya re building an addition. the renos were supposed to be done by now, but aren't yet...they gave us the option to switch, but i'm so far into the planning stage that i don't want to leave anyway.

                    #20 Rani

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                      Posted 14 January 2010 - 02:42 PM

                      Hi future GBP brides! ))
                      My God, it is soooo nice to know I am not the only one getting married there, because at first it really seemed RIU is kind of more popular.
                      So I will come right to the point. We booked with Beverly our wedding for march first. She was nice to deal with because she responded more or less right away (Sometimes not so fast but she always apologized :) ).
                      The longest I didn't hear from her was 5 days. Am I lucky I avoided 3 weeks of waiting for reply? :))
                      Now we have our flights booked and we are going to book a hotel. I guess using travelocity or something. Oh I already feel like I am booking agent or something taken into account how many sites I looked through lately
                      The thing that worries me is that now we have to pay the deposit.....and like you know ladies there is this form we are to fill out. I already saw some thread here about this and how girls don't feel confident sharing this kind of info. But unfortunately this thread (just like Beverly) didn't offer any solutions.
                      Is there anyone who has sent her this form? Or that is just something that we have to do and get it over with?

                      Thanks girl,
                      I need a holiday....a therapist and a life!!!!

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