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Any Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Brides out there?

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Hi Ladies,


I sent an email to Beverly and she replied to me within 30 minutes. She answered most of my questions. Here is my email and her responses:




Hi Beverly,

I'm about to fax you my forms and documents but before I do I have a few questions. We're thinking of the free wedding package.

-First for the bridal bouquet and boutonniere, is there any specific flowers from Taiflora that are included in packages or can I pick anyone?  Please find sample of what is inclusive in your wedding package. bouq06[1].jpg Flowers ordered from Tai Flora site are upgraded bouquets and are at an additional cost.  

-For the cake, do you provide a cake topper?  The resort does not provide a cake topper.  
-For the chairs, without adding anything, what do they look like? (no cover or ties)
 Please find sample of what the chairs are like without covers. 
-Gazebo Decorations,  What comes with the free package? do I have to pick anything?  
Please see sample decor for the gazebo ( without the chair covers).   wedding_gazebo_simple_decor.JPG

-There is section that says menu. Do I pick the restaurant and menu now?  Please find that menu selections are provided closer to your wedding date and your arrival at the resort.  
-Music, Do I have to pick our Ceremony music already?
 The resort provides you with a dj and music from the hotel selections, however if you have any special selections that you would like to have played then you can do so and bring along a cd with your music on it.  

-Dinner time preferred, Can you tell me what time is available?  Dinner is normally booked at 6:00p.m or 6:30p.m.

Thank you very much for your time and your response. I'll send you the document shortly.



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Originally Posted by soontobemrsdow View Post






 Hi Ashley here is the spas email spabpjam@bahia-principe.com


I'm kind of worried now too because I'm getting married in January and am only about to contact them now to book an apppointment...heres hoping! lol


Also just an fyi ladies:

For some reason I wanted to make sure I could put the wedding on my credit card because I don't want to bring down all of that cash with me so I double checked with Beverly and she said you can BUT the ministers fees have to be paid in cash so I just thought I'd let you all know just incase you were planning on doing the same thing I was! It would have really sucked to get down there and have to scramble around to get the money together or give it to them out of my spending money!


Only 50 days until my wedding! I'm so excited but still have quite a bit to do!








Thank you for the info! I emailed them and secured an appointment.

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Hi ladies, I finally caught up on all of the posts that I've missed in the past couple of days, lots of useful info- thanks!!  For anyone that is getting the Blissful love package - or a package inclusive of flowers, what do you do if you want to book from Jans instead?  Does GBP credit your package or anything like that?  I'd possibly like to order additional flowers than what is covered, however I don't want some from Tai Flora and some from Jans..they need to match!!  Maybe I should reconsider the packages once I get a quote from Jans..


Does anyone know what their mother and future MIL are wearing for the wedding?  Both of them have been asking lately what I want them to wear...my reply is usually that I don't care, but I think they want something a little more specific!  And, dads!?  They keep asking too!!  Any pics or website suggestions would be great, thanks!!! 



also- I think I am wayyyy behind on the planning compared to all of you!!!!  Yikes!  I have a date and a dress...that's it! lol. 

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So the chair coverers are not included in the packages? I thought they were....


My mom is wearing a blue dress and my dad a light blue shirt with kakis and brown sandals...my FMIL is wearing a lighter shade of green and they dont have his outfit yet. I didnt have any input, except for my mom as I helped her pick it out. I realyl didnt care what they wore though, I think im pretty easygoing.


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My Mom is wearing a blue and green long sundress with strappy silver sandals. His Dad hasn't asked and I'm not too worried about it. His Mom on the other hand wants to make her own dress - in grey. I'm not 100% excited about that but oh well. Just kinda hoping she runs out of time and has to buy something instead lol

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Hey Ladies, just thought I'd share my latest from Beverly,

Hello there Beverly,

I sent this email to you a month ago and you replied saying you'd get back to me the next morning. I still haven't heard from you so I thought I'd resend it in case it was misplaced.

I really want to get started soon on making our programs & menu's.The Wedding Ceremony


Musical Prelude

 Seating of the  Guests

Entrance of the Groom

Procession of the Bridal Party

Procession of the Bride

Giving away of the Bride


Words of Greeting by the Minister

Opening Prayer

Ephesians 5 vs 22-33


Exchange of Wedding Vows

Blessing of the rings

Exchange of Rings

Signing of Marriage Certificate

Presentation of Husband and Wife



Champangne reception


I wondering if you have a general time line of our wedding day so I can get a head start?

We are reserved for Thursday, April 28th @ Sunset (6:00pm). What is the order of the ceremony so I have details for the program. Also, you had mentioned that the first dance, bouquet toss & garter throw took place @ the champagne toast after the ceremony, yes?  That is correct.   We would like to have the steel drum band for our ceremony. Also in regards to the rehearsal. I've spoken to other girls who've gotten married there and they said it was generally the day before? Would we be able to book a time now so I can include it in the invitations that I send out to our guests?  We can schedule your rehearsal on April 27, 2011 at 5:30p.m.  

We are bringing our own photographer, as confirmed in an earlier conversation, and are going to do most of our pictures before and do a few sunset shots & family shots after the ceremony. So for dinner we're thinking would be 8:00ish? What do you suggest?I would commence dinner at 7:30p.m.   Also what are the choices for dinner so we can make some descions and start on the menu.  Menu selections will be made closer to the wedding as the menu may be subject to changes.   Finally, what are our restaurant options for the dinner?Your restaurant options will be either the Grill Steak house or the Dolce Vita Italian.  However please be advised that the decisions of the restaurant is made by our F & B team, as a schedule is sent out on a monthly basis.  We can request a restaurant, but will not be able to confirm until closer to the wedding.  

Also I had requested information about renting the gazebo after but you had mentioned that the other couple had booked it. You had mentioned the disco as another option? We were still waiting on images of the disco. If we were to rent that would we do the first dance, garter & bouquet toss at that time instead? I have the pictures but the images are very large and are not going through.  I was trying to acquire a simpler version.  If you rent the disco for the night you are able to do the above requested at the disco.  

Thank-you so much for the information!

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Also, my Mom is wearing a gorgeous strapless beige/light gold dress from Le Chateau. I want her to look snazzy ;)


Oh, and in "wonderful" news... my little sisters boyfriend of over a year just broke up with her and now is not coming. So that makes 2 people who have paid their $200 deposit and then bailed. Great. I really don't want to tell my travel agent.

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thanks for all the outfit suggestions, they are so helpful.  I keep telling the fam that I really don't care what they wear but it doesn't seem to work! 


Tris- thanks for the info from Beverly.  It's always good to hear from her- even when it isn't my own email lol!  And what a bummer about your little sis and the deposit situation.  So sorry to hear, I hope it all works out!!!

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In previous emails that I have received from Beverly, it is my understanding that chair covers come with your wedding package up to the amount of people allotted with each package; beyond that, you have to pay for them. 


My mom is wearing a mint green chiffon dress with rouching and beaded embellishing; we went together and picked hers out from the bridal shop that I ordered my dress and the BM's dresses through.  My FMIL actually asked me to go shopping with her (huge improvement on the DIL/MIL relationship department!) so I think we are going to do that around February, when the spring clothing lines start coming out again....


My dad and my FI dad are going to match my FI - khaki pants and jacket with a white detailed button down shirt...they are the only 3 that will have jackets (FI's idea...he wanted to be dressier...no complaints from me!)

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