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Any Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay Brides out there?

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The catameran cruise is a great idea, I thought of that and called them for some info but I just dont want my guest to pay $40 per person to go on and I can't really afford to pay that for them :( I actually thought there was a deal with the cruise. Lunch is a good idea, hopefully that is an option cause I know they said you can't have an early supper. Thanks for replying to me!! Hoping i figure it out soon and book otherwise I will be stressed about it. Thanks!!

Thanks Samantha for letting me know it's $40 per person.  I still haven't heard anything back from the resort.  O to always live on Jamaica time!!


I'm just trying to keep my expenses down so I can afford it.  Plus I negotiated every 12th person free through the TA so I can use that money towards the wedding costs.  Although, I just noticed the chair covers are $5 each tonight.  Otherwise I think they're ugly banquet chairs.  Everything keeps adding up!


Apparently the chair covers are included. The sashes are extra. ($2.50 each).

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January 15th 2014!! - We'll be at the resort from the 11th to the 18th. Maybe we'll see you there!

Possibly!  I'm not sure what our travel dates are yet....but I'm sure we'll be there past the 11th!  

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I'm planning m

I'm planning my wedding in jamaica on January 2014 as well and I'm considering this resort as well but I haven't made up my mind yet!! Do you have any pictures or info about the wedding packages and locations!!


I have some pictures of the resort and gazebo area I can send you...I also have the information Stephany gave us while there giving the different options for packages (although the prices are probably different than stated).  Do you have an email I can send them to?

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I live in the Greater Toronto area, and will be visiting a location locally that i was told carries the chair ties/sashes for under $1 each.  If this turns out to be true, I'll be happy to share the info.

The Planning/Preparation continues......!!!


Recommendation:   I want to share how wonderful my experience has been with Sophie's Gown Shoppe in Mississauga.  The ladies there were wonderful to work with...they offered great advice, and my shopping experience was just as I envisioned. I had my princess moment, got decked out once I narrowed my decision down to 2 dresses..then when The Dress moment came on my 2nd visit, they all gathered around with cheers.


Feedback:  I found David's Bridal...well...exactly what it was...more of a warehouse feel.....with hardly any help or feedback from the girls working there.  I also had an appointment and waited over an hour and a half to get into a room...by that time I chose 6 dresses without any help from anyone...then ended up figuring out that I had to write the numbers down.  I had 2 visits, one for me, and a separate one for the bridal party...both times with appointments we had to wait quite a while...needless to say....were not impressed.  I will say this...their prices are unbeatable..but I would not recommend anyone purchase anything from their website without going in to check out the quality first!!!

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We are going through air canada, and we get every 21st person free. We didn't shop around, since my fiancee's relative is our TA, so we didn't realize there was better deals out there. Oh well!

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We are going through air canada, and we get every 21st person free. We didn't shop around, since my fiancee's relative is our TA, so we didn't realize there was better deals out there. Oh well!


Thanks SarahInNS!

I currently haven't been offered any kind of deal at all...so, at least I can ask my TA if she can get me something comparable to yours, seeing as how you're flying with Air Canada as well.  Fingers crossed that it can happen.  I already feel a bit bad for making people travel to come to my wedding, so if I can make the cost burden less for them, I'm gonna try!!! cheesy.gif

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Originally Posted by SarahInNS View Post


We are going through air canada, and we get every 21st person free. We didn't shop around, since my fiancee's relative is our TA, so we didn't realize there was better deals out there. Oh well!


Hi Sarah,


I got my deal through Marlin Travel, which is owned by Transat.  I don't think Transat flies out of Halifax until Jan or Feb.  I only know this as I'm trying to co-ordinate some guests from Halifax.  Air Canada is the only operator in November, and it is more expensive then the other tour operators so you really wouldn't have a choice.  Even my Mom is going to use Air Miles to get to TO and then fly with our group.


I originally was going to fly Nov 23 - 30th but the GBP didn't have any wedding dates available.  When I got that Transat quote is was every 12th person free.  When I had to change my dates to Dec 7 - 14 the new quote was every 16th free.  So I told them if they did the every 12th free we had a deal.  And I lucked out and they gave it to me.  I'm hoping to get 2 free.  It'll be close!

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I got a great email from Stephany today that I thought everyone would love to see.  Some of the info is extremely helpful.  Not sure if I can post all of this but I can sure try!





Wedding Hours:  11AM – 4pm (Monday – Saturday)





  1. Marriage Licence:                                

A licence must be obtained for all visitors                        to have a legal wedding ceremony on the island.


2.  Marriage Certificate:

Clients will receive two (2) copies of their marriage certificate that will be obtained from the Registrar Generalâ€s Department – Kingston (876-984-3041).  These copies will then be sent by Courier mail to clients within two (2) months following the ceremony.


Clients need to provide the wedding co-ordinator with the address to which the copies should be mailed.


If clients do not receive their copies within two (2) months, they should contact the wedding co-ordinator for a tracking number or for further details on its progress.

European Wedding Couples:

The marriage certificates of European Couples require additional stamps from their specific consulate here on the island before they are forwarded to their home address.  As such, they will be required to pay the additional sum for these stamps.


3. Bouquet and Boutonniere:

Prior arrangement can be made for                                 upgraded bouquets as they will require special ordering. For upgrades you may visit our florist website at www.taiflora.com. All packages include bridal bouquet and boutonniere. Selection can be made from the attachment options 149-164. Floral orders may be finalized during your interview with the wedding co-ordinator upon arrival at the resort.   These are delivered approximately one hour prior to the ceremony.



All packages include Champagne reception after the ceremony. Additional bottles may be purchased prior to the ceremony at a cost of US16.00 per bottle.


5.Wedding Cake:

The couple will be provided with a cake of their choice. This may be served at either the ceremony or dinner. We offer a sponge cake which may be vanilla or chocolate, vanilla raspberry, chocolate raspberry, coffee or coconut with white butter cream frosting. The size cake will be a two tiered cake.

   For couples wishing to upgrade their cake the         wedding co-ordinator must be notified at least one   week prior to the ceremony date.  For upgraded  cakes, please contact your wedding co-ordinator.



The Photoshop located on property provides photography/videography service. All wedding packages include photos which are taken of the ceremony only. For additional packages you may contact the Photoshop at photoweddingbpjam@arrecifestudio.com. Please note that should you choose to bring your own photographer or videographer a vendorâ€s fee of USD800.00 will be charged.


7.Breakfast in Bed:

For packages that include breakfast, this is served the morning following the ceremony.  Breakfast is delivered between the hours of 8a.m. and 10a.m.


8. Dinner:

Reception dinner is provided the evening of the ceremony for the couple and their guests.  The co-ordinator will make reservations for dinner prior to the ceremony. 

All packages offer a semi-private dinner at either the Italian Dolce vita restaurant or the Garden Grill. A maximum of 70 guests is accommodated in this setting with one set menu for all guests. We however do make exceptions for persons with allergies or vegetarians.

Please note that no particular restaurant is exclusively for the wedding reception.  At all times, guests will be dining there.  However, a special area will be set up for the wedding party.


Private Dinner:

For private receptions guests are accommodated at the outdoor location of the Piscis restaurant at a cost of USD1700.00. The indoor location offered is the Dolce vita at a cost of USD2500.00. Both locations are for 4 hours only and include DJ for dinner and dancing music.

The earliest time for dinner reception is 6:30pm.


For guests having a semi-private dinner after dinner receptions are accommodated at the gazebo on beach at a cost of US$500 or at the disco at a cost of USD700. Both locations are inclusive of DJ for 2 hours.


Couples who wish to provide their personal silverware, place cards or other items to be placed on the table, must advise the wedding co-ordinator  during the wedding interview.







Wedding Passes:

Please note that the cost for off-property guests to attend the wedding is US75 per person. A list of persons attending should be given to the co-ordinator during the wedding interview. Guests are allowed access to the property one hour before the wedding and can stay up to 10:30pm.


Hair and Make-up:

The Hotel Spa does offer these salon services at an additional cost.  Appointments can be made by contacting the Spa at spabpjam@bahia-principe.com or by visiting them upon arrival at the resort.



Wedding ceremonies may take place at either the Beach gazebo or on the beach.  Beach gazebo location is decorated with white fabric and bows to match your color scheme.  A table and two (2) chairs for the signing of the marriage register accompany this.  Chairs are also provided for the guests at no extra cost.


Other decorative services can be arranged at an additional cost, which will vary depending on the type of decorations required.



Couples who desire to have music at their ceremony may do so.  They may choose from what we have available, take their choice of music on CDâ€s or purchase the service of a live band.


Alternative Location:

In the case of rain, the wedding is put on hold for 15 minutes, after which it will be moved to the Foyer location.  The location will not be decorated.


Band Choices:

Mento Band

Steel Band

Reggae Band

Wedding Singer


N.B The Bands charge an hourly rate.


Extra Services:

Extra services are those services that the couple may require outside the wedding package.  Request for extra services must be sent in prior to the ceremony date. Payment for extra services are payable by credit card.


Payment for Wedding Package:

Payment for wedding package is made   directly to the co-ordinator during the interview and may be done by credit card or cash.


Required Documentation:

Notarized documents refer to a photocopy of the original that has been signed and stamped by a notary public or lawyer.


All documents are to be forwarded to the attention of the co-ordinator 2 months prior to the ceremony date. These may be emailed to us. Clients are required to bring hard copies to the meeting.

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    • Hi Brides! I have a Wally Bag - 66" available - $90 + shipping (US only) The wally bag typically sells for $120-$180. I used this gown bag once to transport my dress from MN to Mexico for our wedding - IT WAS PERFECT!   I was actually able to pack 4 additional maxi dresses, and my husband's wedding attire, plus a few pairs of shoes and some jewelry. I packed the dress the night before we left, and just moments before we left, I zipped the bag and folded it - ready for travel. It comes up with a nice over-the-shoulder strap, making it really easy to carry through the airports. No issues on Delta with the bag as my carry-on - I chose to put in the overhead bin, but the flight attendant did offer to hang it in the closet for me. Once we got to the resort, about 10 hours after I first folded the bag, I unpacked the bag and my dress was perfect - no wrinkles! My dress was mostly lace and had a bit of a train, but it arrived perfectly!  Honestly, this is the best way to travel with your dress! 
    • we ended up using Facebook messenger when we were in Mexico - the hotel had free wifi and at least 1 person from each family/couple had FB on their phone already - it was pretty easy to communicate among guests "hey, we're heading to the beach bbq for lunch." or "everyone is hanging at the small pool today".  a plus was that some people tried to get a hold of me via FB on the day of the wedding and I was totally not checking my phone - they were asking if the wedding was outside given the rain forecast, thankful my mom, MOH and a few other friends were on the group and could respond for me :) 
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    • Hi Everyone, So, I was cleaning out my closet and realized that I never sold off my extra wedding OOT bag stuff from our wonderful DW.   46 Daily Spanish for Dummies 30 Pool colored OOT fabric bags - approximately 13in x 13in. They lay flat.  I used them for our wedding and they were perfect for everything we needed to fit in each bag. There’s a slight shade variation in the group; I’m guessing some were cut from a different bolt of fabric.  They are also a little wrinkled from storage and will probably be wrinkled from shipping. I have three additional ones, but they somehow got something on them (likely toddler related). If needed, I can try to wash it out and send those as well. 
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