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Hey Ladies,

I made my Save the Dates for my wedding in Positano, Italy and they were awesome! So I wanted to make my AHR invitations, place cards, etc., but I wanted to find some new graphics. It will definitely have an Italy feel but not be wine or grape related since we're not getting married in Tuscany. And since our AHR will be in northern Virginia we didn't want to use seaside items.


Anyway, does anyone know where I can get some graphics...preferably free? I am looking for lemons, bright colors, whimsical graphics will do, etc. I am more contemporary and less traditional. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

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Hi! First let me say i'm so jealous of your positano wedding!! I LOVE Italy!!

I haven't used either site yet but from reading posts on this forum it seems that vistaprint is a really great site and istockphoto has pics. Good Luck!

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