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Bev's Breezes Runaway Bay Wedding Review 10/17/09

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I was in awe when it was time to write my planning thread and now I can't believe I am back, a Mrs., and ready to write a review.


Travel Agent: B


We used Legacy Travel. Marty Boehlke was a great guy to work with. He worked with everyone wonderfully on booking their flights. In addition, Legacy creates a page on their web page to list who has booked for your wedding and what dates. We had a few issues with people not getting the best flights and some miscommunication about changes in flights but overall we had a great time working with him. He also bailed us out a few times when we had issues dealing with Superclubs.


Airlines: B


American was great about allowing dresses and guitars to be stored on board but charged an absorbanant amount $100 for our 5th bag even though John and I are both Gold members. We had some issues with AA management in Miami on the way home, but that was one person being stupid.


Transfers to and from hotel: A


Buses for transfers were great and the driver and baggage guy was great. Lots of info on the bus and a quick stop for a snack and a beer on the way and a beer and souveniers on the way to the airport.


Check in at BRB: A+


Upon arrival to a beautiful open lobby space, we were greeted with a rum punch, a cold towelette and check in was very easy. We were given a letter from Keisha (WC) and set up to head to our room. A bell hop was waiting for us to id our bags so he could take them to our room. He gaves us a short tour and info on the way to the room. We loved Kirk and joked with him often the rest of our trip.


Room: A+


We were in an oceanfront veranda suite with a plunge pool. While we barely used our plunge pool, the room is in the new building and was absolutely gorgeous. It has the most amazing shower for two and a huge open feeling.

We loved it and it's location in the corner. In addition to our plunge pool, there was a pool and hot tub in the area that was rarely used by anyone. Great for sitting and reading a book in the pool. :) We also loved the waterfall on the plunge pool.


Food: C+


The bottom line is the food well... mass produced food. Now... let me clarify. The main terrace for the buffet dinner was rarely much to get excited about but nothing horrible. Breakfast was nice because there was always fresh made smoothies and an omelet station. I really loved the days there were fried plantains. :) Now... The speciality restaurants were great for dinner!!!! We loved Munasan and we were there a few times. Open air tepanyaki is awesome! We sure to ask for Catrick or Shannon to cook for you. They were great fun. We rolled out of the there filled up. We also liked the mongolian style grill and the beautiful environment of Starlight Grill. We ate at Pastafari the last night which is very nice, very romantic, and a yummy ending. My salmon was good, but John's seafood pasta with blush sauce was awesome.


Entertainment: A


We had a great time watching and listening to the music and entertainment most nights. We got lucky twice. First, there was a few really talented guests that joined the talent show. One was a true dead ringer and actually makes money as a Michael Jackson impersonater. THis is in addition to the talents of the staff including the circus crew. Secondly, we were on the property for one of the biggest holidays in Jamaica, Hero's Day. So the local award-winning dance crew that came in that night was amazing!


Keisha and Victoria: C then A


Dealing with Keisha prior to arrival is a total pain in the ass because her email communication is lacking. What we had heard was when we arrive, it would be a total 180. They were right. We have no complaints from Keisha, her staff, or anyone when we dealt with. THis includes asking us seconds after the ceremony if we wanted to move the cocktail reception because it was beginning to rain. We said yes, she snapped her fingers and 10 people moved the entire cocktail reception as set up in to the an open area of the terrace so it was under cover. I had given a ton fo stuff to Keisha to decorate with and she used it all and made it beautiful!


Photographer: A+++++


Cynthia and Bryant from Wiselyn Photography are absolutely amazing. I am dying to see all the pictures but we had an absolute blast with them and they fit into the group like family. What a great team. Cynthia even ran around to get amazing shots while 8 months pregnant! We had such a good time! The pictures I have seen of theirs and the pics I saw on their cameras was awesome. Bryant followed the guys to play golf the morning of the wedding and got great shots. Cynthia met me in my room to play and take pics of getting ready. I can't say enough about how much I am excited to see what pictures we get. Wiselyn Wedding Photography | Photojournalistic Style | North Carolina Wedding Photographer | NC | Raleigh Wedding Photographer | Cary Wedding Photographer | Southern Pines Wedding Photographer | Raleigh Wedding Photography | Pinehurst Wedding Photog


Excursions: A


We had a great time on the few excursions we went on. We took a cab early Sunday morning to arrive at Dunns River just as they opened so we could do TTD. It was great. Someone from Dunns River escorted us to all the great locations and assisted carrying the dress and more. She was great. We then finished up and changed into our swim suits to climb the falls at 10:30 with the rest of our group that came on the scheduled trip. It was great.


Another day we did the Mystic Mountain excursion where we took rides on the tranopy, rode the bodsleds, and zip lined through the rainforest. Absolutely awesome. We were worried that the fact that it was drizzling would be a problem. Turned out to be a blessing. Hardly anyone there!


Overall: A


We can't wait to go back! What an amazing trip. Even better that we got to meet up with Melody as she arrived for her wedding the coming week.

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Hey Bev! I was waiting to read your review...I need a few days to recuperate before I write my own:) It was soo fun meeting you and how funny I knew it was you when you passed us coming out of our room on ur 1st night there:) Our wedding went awesome as well although it rained prior to our reception..we ended up having it in the disco.


Also I wanted to tell you that your flamingo you left for me made its journey to Couples San Souci also:)


Let me know when its time for a return trip!

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Congrats Mrs. I have been waiting to hear how it went, as we will be getting married there next March! I cannot wait to see your pictures!! Congrats!

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