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Pre Owned Designer Dresses?

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Good Morning!


I just got an email forwarded to me from a work colleauge's cousin in lives in NYC and apparently got a Monique Lullier (spelling?) dress for like $800 from this site!


Used wedding dresses. New, sample & used designer gowns. Buy & sell online.


Has anyone had any experience with this place? it sounds too good to be true!

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I checked it out and it's funny because some of the dresses on there for sale are from 1990-1993.... It's like you see all these beautiful dresses and then all of a sudden comes the eyesore and when you click on the picture, it's someone selling their 15 year old dress for about $200 less than what they paid for it.... Are they high? Do they really think that the post-Madonna era satin dresses are really going to be bought for that much today? hehehehe

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I would also suggest looking into "bridal outlet" type stores for huge discounts. In Boston, we have one called "Vows," and one of my friends bought her Amsale gown for $900. You are def giving up the whole bridal boutique feel of going dress shopping, but for those of us that couldn't care less, its totally perfect! Here is their website: Wedding Dress Bridal Gown The other downside is that they have tons of inventory come in every day so you have to visit frequently (although personally, that doesnt sound so bad to me!)

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Originally Posted by akh View Post
that's the site that i searched daily for my Lazaro dress - but never found it. and that's the site where i will list my dress once i am ready to sell it. i think that's the site TammyB just listed her dress too!
I saw TammyB on the site, so it is def where she listed her dress.

Originally Posted by amyh View Post
I love this site! If I find my dream dress I would def go for it. They actually have a new Jim Helm dress that I posted in my "I wants" in the gallery.

But its still a little too much for me ($2650)
Oh it is so pretty though, Jim Helm is one of my favourite desighners, the dress would be beautiful on you.

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