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Calgary Brides!

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Hi everyone!


Well I went dress shopping on Friday and wanted to post a review of the shops I managed to hit in Calgary. It was a long, long day, somehow I thought we'd have all this spare time to drop in on other places but we really didn't! The great news is - I think I found my dress!! I found 2 that I LOVED, but I think one of them is more along the lines of what I imagine myself in at our wedding on the beach. I will see if I can post pictures in another post.


Our first appointment was at The Bridal Centre, which I haven't heard very good things about. But I actually had a really good experience! It was fun to explain what I wanted and have someone pull a bunch of dress, plus the woman helping me had insanely fast fingers and trying on dresses with tie-up backs was a breeze. I found one dress that I liked, but didn't fall in love with. She gave me the price, designer, etc, so that I could look it up on my own. We weren't supposed to take pictures, but my mom snuck a few with her blackberry lol.


We then went to Beautiful Bride which was fantastic! The girl helping us was so great, she pulled a bunch of dresses and asked what I thought and then just went from there. This is where I found 2 dresses that I completely fell in love with. I thought their dresses were a little...different, whereas at the first place they were a lot more traditional. We had great service, we took tons of pictures, and they were super patient. They are having a Stampede sale until the end of July too - 10% off your order. Not sure if they do promos often but good to know!


We then grabbed lunch and hit The Parisian and Cameo & Cufflinks. We didn't have an appointment at The Parisian, and I'm glad we didn't. Their dress prices are great, quite low (lots under $1000), but I didn't really like very much. And the dresses I did like and tried on were more than twice my size so it was impossible to tell how they'd fit. Also the girl who helped lace me up into one dress took soooooo long it was unbearable. I didn't want her help at all after that!


Cameo and Cufflinks was great, the service was awesome and they had lots of nice dresses and good price ranges. The only reason this appointment wasn't much fun was because we'd already found 2 phenomenal dresses earlier in the day and nothing compared! lol, not their fault!


All in all it was a great day, no big complaints about any of the shops. I found 2 amazing dresses which is so exciting! We will go back in a couple weeks to try them on again, I can't wait! Oh - actually I will post links if you want to see the 2 dresses (I will try to post pictures too!).


Ella - the one I think I will end up with: Ella Bridals

Pattis - love it but not as beachy: http://pics.classifieds.weddingbee.c...ttis_Deion.jpg


Sorry for the long review :)



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Hey Sandy


Love hearing about dress shopping. I went to Cameo & cufflinks on Sat. My friend found a cute dress when we were there and went back to buy it. Plus I got to try on my dress again. hehehehe. So good to hear that you found 2 possible choices. I love the Ella one!!! Can't wait to hear which one you choose!!!

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Sandy - I LOVE Ella. That dress is a stunner! Seriously gorgeous. I can see why no other dress compared.


Echo - thanks so much for that info. I will definitely check her out!

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Boo - thanks for letting us know! Guess I'll be saving myself the trip there. It does look promising from afar sad.gif


Nadine - thanks for the info! I'll have to look into Dreams Cancun some more :)

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Originally Posted by Lindslou View Post
Hey Meghan

Do you need to call ahead to Connie's before bringing your dress there. I'm not sure if I want to get my alterations done at C&C just b/c of the cost. Will Connie take any dress alterations or does she need to see it before?
I know that I called ahead but she didn't seem too strict on giving me a specific appointment time. It was more of a heads-up that I would be arriving around a certain time. I found that getting there right when she opened on Saturday mornings (9am) was the easiest for me.

I'm not sure on her limitations for what she is or isn't willing to do so you'd likely be best taking your dress in so that she can actually see it and get an idea of what you'd like to do. I had thought/been told I would need my dress hemmed but instead she was able to add a few extra pinches into my pick-up skirt and voila it was the perfect length!

The other great thing is that she can get your dress done quickly. With only 4-5 weeks left before my wedding, I thought it would be cutting the time super short when I took my dress in for alterations but Connie shocked me when she said my dress could be ready in just a week or two. That's not to say you should wait until last minute because my dress didn't need much work, whereas another dress might, but she does get her work done very quickly. We also had hubby's pants altered by her and she did a perfect job (we had some saggy pant crotch issues haha!) so they looked great on him!

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Thanks Meghan!!!! So good to know. I don't need much done to my dress so I hope it will work out taking it to her.

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