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Calgary Brides!

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we are leaning towards these:




or these:




we like the last one better, but will probably spray paint it a darker colour.  (not sure yet though)


these are nice too, as one of our colours is orange:




....which are you going with??

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Hi all! I feel like I've been away from this thread for ages! Work's been insanely busy lately - it's totally getting in the way of wedding planning :( Lol


We got our group rate from Westjet earlier this week (Becky, our BDW TA totally pulled through for us, she's amazing!!). The rates are fantastic, but they are only good for 30 days and we need to book 10 rooms (yes, that's 20 people) It's causing us (well, me really) a lot of stress because even though we gave our guests tons of notice, and the prices are lower than we expected, most of our guests don't seem inclined to book this early! I'm trying to stay optimistic, FI keeps telling me this will all work out...so fingers crossed!!


I will be at Melrose next Thursday at 6pm! I'm really looking forward to it! I've got a couple BM dress pics, I'm going wedding dress shopping again tomorrow so I'm sure I'll have an update, and I will bring along my reception shoes which I bought a few weeks ago :D


See you next week!

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Hey Sandy


I totally know how you feel about people booking, it's been a real sore spot for me.  We didn't have as tight of a time line as you but asked our guest to RSVP or have the deposit paid by June 30 and I would say around 60% still have not responded.  So friggin frustrating!!!  I'm trying to not let it bother me or to take it personally but it pisses me off.  I don't know if people think it's different since it's a destination wedding but it's still our wedding. 


I really hope that you get our group book


Have a great weekend

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i also understand your pain!


our deadline for RSVPs was July 30th, and we have about 58% of ours in.  out of that 58% that said yes, only 50% of THOSE people have booked/put down a deposit.


it is stressful!!  i know it is still 5 months out....but c'mon people!!

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Yeah, only a handful of people have actually booked their trips.


I have lots of people saying that they are just waiting for the absolute best deal, and I know I don't NEED final numbers until 30 days before the wedding...


But 2.5 months to go and I wanna know who's coming for sure!!!

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