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New bride!!!! Whooo hooo!!!

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Originally Posted by MaryJane View Post
Hello all! I am new and planning my wedding in Dominican Republic for Oct 2010. I am in the begining stages and have some questions:

1. Do I really need a travel agent to book my rooms, I have been contact the resorts myself negoiating rates.

2. Has anyone been to the new Moon Palace Spa in Punta Cana, Paradisus Punta Cana or Dreams Punta Cana?

3. How exactly do the packages work if you book rooms?

4. How did you get your dresses there?

Okay...that's it so far:) Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciate!!

I found that Expedia.com (click hotel & flight) had better deals than alot of the actual hotels did. Also check with a TA and cheapcaribbean.com.
My friends are going to Dreams Punta Cana in January and my coworker is at Moon Palace for the secong time this week and she loves it there.

My friend had a DW and she brought her dress on the plane with her, that way they weren't separated. Most hotels offer dress steaming for a small fee.
My TA did not recommeded the group rates if they required deposits to block out a minimum room requirement. Mostly due to the cases where your number of guests turns out to be lower than the minimum person # required for the group rate room then you are stuck! But if it'll be well over that then it'll be ok.

The other advantage of having a TA is that they can be sure that everyone gets the right hotel booked (which I've read that guests have book the wrong hotels) plus they can offer trip insurance. Not to mention help out with the details. Hope this helped! Happy Planning!

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