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Fever resort and cruise wear - canadian company

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hey everyone!

i attended the toronto womens show this weekend and it was a lot of fun. found this great shop located in bomanville, (about 40 mins east of toronto).

They specialize in resort and cruise wear. All their products are fast drying and light weight. They also have selections of bridal wear. I went to their webiste, which is currently under construction, but you can take a look at this link to see their catlog/flyer they gave out at the show.


they had a fashions show at the show, and i saw some really nice stuff. unfortunatly, i didnt bring a camera so i didnt grab any pics.


anyways, check it out, and hopefully their site will be full running soon!

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Thanks for the info. They have some great stuff, fortunately for me as it didn't even occur to me to pick up some end of season summer stuff to be ready for the trip next year.

Hopefully their website wil be up soon.

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