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Orange & Pink Pocketfold Invitations (Pics!)

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I just want to say that these are amazing and I agree with SouthernSweetie and would pay you for customization :)


Your invites are stunning! If you still have the template for your design and want to make some money off of your hard work, I'd be willing to pay you to customize mine. I'd gladly have them printed and assemble them!


Congrats on your wedding!!!



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Originally Posted by Sandra&Mario View Post
Thank you everyone so so much!!! Yes, we did put them all together (with the exception of the orange pocketfold which already came assembled!) Fortunately my fiancé is a complete computer nerd, loves graphics and has an eye for detail and symmetry. That definitely helps, because I wouldnâ€t be able to do it all on my own! My job was all the wording and saying “ok, thatâ€s great†or “letâ€s put that there insteadâ€. Believe me, I did a lot of that…it was beginning to drive Mario nuts!!! The actual design was a compilation of so many florals, swirls, and scrolls that I liked, but didnâ€t necessarily love. So we put a bunch of different things together! As far as the breakdown…we ordered all our paper supplies from papersandmore.com. The added rhinestones (which were applied using clear nailpolish) and ribbon was purchased from AC Moore. This is what we bought from papersandmore.

1.Orange Flame Metallic A-7 Pocketfold ($42 for 50)…we needed 150.
2.Pearl White Metallic Cardstock 8.5 x 11 ($30 for 100 sheets)…we needed 2 packs. This will do the invite side and the 3 card inserts.
3.Pearl White Metallic A-7 Envelopes ($14 for 50)…these are the outside envelopes where everything is inserted and mailed out (I didnâ€t picture this).
4.Pearl White Metallic 4-Bar Envelopes ($12 for 50)…these are the response envelopes.
5.Satin Sensations Beauty ribbon ($4 per spool, this will wrap around 15 pocketfolds). From AC Moore.
6.2mm clear rhinestones ($3 for 140)…each card took 4.

After we had everything thing measured (multiple times!!) and printed on regular paper, we cut and measured again and again until it was just right and ready for the metallic paper. We then printed them at work, but had them cut for $35 at a local print shop. There was no way we were going to achieve such perfect crisp cuts! So for all you DIY brides, have them cut professionally. It was worth every cent!!!

In the end, after all the math, it ended up costing us about $2.65 each (this is not counting ink). Response card had a 44 cent stamp and the outside had a 61 cent wedding cake stamp! There were so many invitations out there that I loved but we were willing to spend upwards of $6 each! It took us about a month between nights and weekends to get it all done! Good luck if you decide to do it! Itâ€ll be nice to hear how much our guests loved them knowing that we made them :)
These are GORGEOUS! And very similar to the ones I am doing...I am having the same issue with the swirls and stuff!!! Would you mind sharing the swirl that is in the top corner of the actual "invitation" section with mehuh.gif? Or telling me how you did it? THANK YOU!

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