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BCBG Applique dress - Size 10, $250 OBO

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I was the bride that bought this dress. Well, it has been more than two weeks since I last heard from her. I was giving her a chance to reply to my last PM and I have not heard from her. I sent her the last PM and her last log in was after that PM sent.


I offered to pay it for $200, expecting to get this in new condition.


Well, it came. It was not what I expected. The original post said it was never altered or worn. It seemed to me that it was worn and it had funky smell to it. The hanger loops inside of the dress were cut off. The Nordstorm tag was still on. The tulle flowers were flat and frayed. I have no clue if it was meant to be like that. I PMed her and asked her about the tulle flowers. She said she got the dress like that when she bought it online but sent another PM saying she didn't buy it online. That was the last thing I heard from her. I asked her if I could return it. I could have still bought this dress but less for $200. I read that she had drama with a fake dress that she got ebay so I got suspicious that this dress is the fake one. I really hope this is not the case.


I am not trying to create drama but am being honest for future brides buying off this forum. "Buyer beware" is strongly advised. Always ask for questions or more pictures. I accept the responsibility that I made a poor decision since it was my first BDW purchase.


I will be taking this to the dry cleaner and see if I could get the tulle flowers fixed but I think I will be using as my TTD dress so not exactly a loss but am very disappointed with the false advertising.


I hate that this had to come to this. I was willing to give her a chance and wait over two weeks to hear from her.

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