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Dreams PV Weddingmoon Review

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We stayed at Dreams in June for our PV wedding which was held at Las Caletas. Here's a little review.


The ride from PVR was about 30 minutes or so. When we arrived and got out of the cab we were greeted by a bellman with glasses of champagne. We gave him our travel documents and he told us to use the private check in located in the suites tower. That was a bonus because there was a bit of a line at the front desk. We walked down a long corridor past the spa and came to a desk with a lady who welcomed us, gave us cookies, and checked us in. It was very relaxed for us as we were tired and got to sit down for the whole check-in process.


We were told our room had 2 full beds but someone could come push them together until the next day when a king bed room was available. Not ideal in our situation but our room was beautiful. You enter into a hallway with a dressing area and bathroom to the left, and a door in front of you. We opened the door to enter a large bedroom and sitting area. Neat and clean...then we opened the curtains and fell in love with the patio/view. It was a suite on the ground floor which I was against at first, but we were sold on the size of the patio. A lady came and spent 30 minutes meticulously adding mattress pads and sheets trying to make our 2 beds one. It was about 3 feet higher when she was done and despite her hard work, as soon as we laid down FI fell through the crack...lol. We were moved to the suite next door the next day and it was identical but with a king bed.


The first two nights we were there they made a big screen and showed movies on the beach (Night at the Museum and Happy Feet). The food was all good. The only place I didn't eat was the Mexican restaurant because I eat so much in everyday life. My favorite was at Portofino. We had reservations for the night after our wedding and they decorated our table outside with roses, we had a really good bottle of champagne, it was so pretty. Food was really great and I'm fussy about Italian food but I loved it all. Room service was also very good and usually fast, although twice it took over an hour but that was at 1am when restaurants were closed. A bonus too is that Dreams serves top-shelf liquor whereas some AI's I've been to skimp on this aspect. There are many bars, all were good. My favorites were the one adjacent to the lobby with the huge pillar candles lit at night, and the one on the beach where they pull out the bean bag recliners at night. Those were super comfy.


We saw a wedding on the beach one night while having drinks at a poolside bar. It was very pretty. I'm not sure where the reception was because we went out for the evening. The beach is one of the better ones in the area and they control the vendors so there are very few and they are non-agressive. The spa is pretty enough, I just think a little costly for what I had done. A manicure and pedicure was $60 which is about 3 times what it should be but it was nice to have since it was my wedding and all.


After our wedding at Las Caletas we returned to our room and it was all decorated for us as honeymooners. There was a banner across our door that was so cute! We walked in and all the lights were off. There were dozens of votive candles EVERYWHERE!! From the entry way to the bathroom to the tables and floor in the bedroom. On the bed they had the towels shaped like hearts & a swan, with rose petals scattered all over the bed and floor. It was just beautiful.


If you have guests staying outside of Dreams know that they cannot come meet you for drinks or anything at Dreams. My parents chose to stay at Velas Vallarta which was really nice, but they came to meet us at Dreams and called from the taxi at the gate saying they could not get in. I managed to allow the concierge to admit them but he said they could only sit in the lobby for 30 minutes max. Well they still made it to see our room but we were clear that they were not welcome. I think it's a good policy since there are no wristbands like many AI resorts.


I have no serious complaints about Dreams. They did misplace/fail to give the traveling starfish back to Ann who was also there so that's the only thing I have problems with. The front desk could be more efficient I guess. Everyone was really nice across the board though, from wait staff to bellmen. When we came across staff many of them said "hello honeymooners" when they greeted us. That was nice because it is a fairly large place but they still remembered who we were when they saw us. It was a great start to our honeymoon. We were treated quite well and would go back there in a heartbeat.

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Originally Posted by host View Post

thanks for the review...it is really important for people to know that guests staying at other resorts will have to pay a day pass fee to even get on the resrot.
Definitely!! I think it's a fair trade-off for not having to wear a wristband.
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