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Well, after a nine hour delay for our flight back to Mpls. from JFK in New York, we arrived home at 6 am on Thursday. What a wonderful trip!! We arrived around 9:15 am, NY time on Tuesday morning. Took a taxi from JFK to Soho. We stayed at 60 Thompson, that's the name of the hotel. Maggie and I met Tadd's mom, Mary and a friend of hers, Lucy at 10. Our first appointment was at a store in Chelsea. I cannot think of the name of the store, but they were the storefront for Morgane Le Fay Designs. Maggie tried on about 8 gowns and really liked 2 of them. When she tried on the second to the last gown she came out of the dressing room in tears. As soon as we saw her in that gown Mary, Lucy and I began to cry! It was so lovely on her. The only problem was it was in navy blue. We had three other appointments for that day so we continued on. The next appointment was a total disappointment. The rep from the designer was a little snot. She was very prego and it was very hot and she was not pleasant. I must say, I can remember being pregnant with Josh in the heat of summer and I was a total bitch, so being snotty is not so bad. Anyway, none of their dresses even compared to Morgane Le Fay's.

After lunch we went to Morgane Le Fay's design studio. Mary wanted to order some of their clothing for her store. We walked into the room where you pick the clothes for their model to wear for you, and there is the bridal gown in off-white!! And in an xtra-small ( Mags is a sz 0! )! The rep invites Maggie to try it on and again everyone is in tears. Maggie says she has to have this dress. We end up ordering the gown, then and there. Just as we finish with the order the designer for Morgane Le Fay enters the room and we are all introduced to her. What a lovely lady she is!. Her name is Lilianna Casabal. She said she was honored that Maggie would be wearing one of her gowns. Immagine that.

Unfortunately, Mags has my cammera with all of the pix on it, and she is out of town again! I will post them as soon as I can catch up with her.

The morning of Wednesday Mary, Mags and I were headed to Chinatown to check out the pashminas. As we were walking towards Canal street we came across Pearl River Store. Man, what a place that is! We looked at their parasols and fans as well as paper lanterns. Mary and I each bought a sandalwood fan. Mine fell apart before we even got to Chinatown! We only paid a dollar for them...I gues you get what you pay for! The lanterns were wonderful. Many sizes, colors, and shapes. The prices ranged from $2 - 14, if I remember correctly. I think we will go with palm fans instead of the sandalwood. They were in the same price range as the other girls have paid.

We continued on our quest for the pashs. We went to about 6 booths and they all said 3 for $10. We just thanked them and moved on. They would call us back and make another offer. We finally worked out a deal with a woman who gave them to us for $2 each. We got 50 of them. I swear, they have just about any color you may want! I can certainly understand why Glenda wouldn't want to carry a bunch of these on the bus! They give you a plastic bag to carry them in and not the strongest plastic you have ever seen! We made it back to the hotel without dropping any of them though!

So, this is the end of my review of my first time in New York. It was wonderful! I would go back tomorrow if I could. I loved the pace, the people, the sites and the feel of the city! It was so great.

Sorry for the length of this.



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