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#81 SgtPepperette

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    Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:22 PM

    So I havent posted in here in a while and am feeling so frustrated so thought Id pop in here.

    So heres my story...

    I was diagonised with Graves disease, and had radioactive iodine treatment. I was feeling better after that, and than had a breast reduction. About 2 months after the surgery I started to feel really crappy again. My endo put me on
    synthroid. I had all the symptoms that didnt improve....fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, etc. So than I was put on a synthetic t3. I felt better but not great. Well than my endo took me off the t3 because she didnt agree with it. Her student teacher is the one who was treating me but than left the practice so she took me off of the t3. When I asked about Armour she got really upset and defensive and refused to put me on it. So I went elsewhere.

    Ive been seeing another endo doctor since around January 2009. He put me on armour 120mg. For a short period I was feeeling a little better. The 3 hour afternoon naps stopped, and I had a small burst of energy. Than it went back downhill.
    Ironically my blood tests have jumped around and even Dr. Paul was confused. It will be super high, than jump back down to 0. Than drop super low, and come back up to 0. Never consistent. Im back to being exhausted and fatigued. I am taking those long naps again. I force myself to workout, and do so probably 4-6 times a week. And can not lose a single pound. I have started to get hives for the last
    2 months now. I went to my family doctor who put me on steriods, but I stopped that due to the side effects. I just take an OTC for that and its fine. But these hives are crazy, they swell out and are painful.

    I also started seeing a nutritionist/accupressure doctor. He has put me on a B12 and Drenamin supplement. He believes that the scar tissue from my breast reduction surgery is causing the problems. The scar tissue is blocking my
    adrenal gland, which in result the armour can not do what its meant to do.

    I dont know what I believe anymore. I have an appt with Dr. Paul today so Ill get my most recent blood results than.

    Im so sick of being tired. Im so sick of being overweight. Im trying my hardest to stay positive and drop some weight before the wedding...and it is so depressing. I cant even stand to look at myself in pictures. Im the highest Ive ever been! I hate to sounds so superficial but its how I feel.

    #82 estella1007

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      Posted 22 July 2009 - 12:43 PM

      Melissa, I know how you feel right now. I have luckily started to drop some weight. It took quite some time to get there though. I was just looking at my ticker and the graph that it does for weight loss along with the dates. It seems like I lose 3-5 pounds in a 2 week period, then plateau for a month, then the cycle repeats. It takes SO much for us to drop a few pounds, when it seems so easy for others. If you want to be weight loss buddies for the next season of Biggest Loser, let me know. Maybe we can do some research and find some tips that can help.

      #83 *Meagan*

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        Posted 22 July 2009 - 02:01 PM


        Hi there! Welcome to the lovely world of thyroids!!! My biggest pet peeve is when someone walks up to me at work or out in public and says "Gee your neck is REAAALLY swollen" and my response in my head is oh well gee thanks! I have under active thyroid, cysts and nodules on my thyroid,insulin resistance, and PCOS. And some how they are all related. The kicker is my first doctor told me there was nothing wrong and even if there was she could not help me because I was too young! 23 at the time!!!

        So I ended up finding an amazing doctor who had to put me on all these different meds, one being synthroid 75mcg, which ended up shrinking my nodules and reduced the size of my thyroid all together and I was recently tested and my blood work came back normal but usually my blood work comes back normal and my ultrasound doesnt. But since I have seen her things have kept up pretty well..knock on wood! Seems like you have thins under control, just keep a super close eye on it. They can go nutty anytime they want too!

        #84 Banana11

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          Posted 14 July 2010 - 10:40 AM

          Bumpity bump!

          I am 8 months postpartum and wondering if I have this. I read online that it's common postpartum and usually starts as hyper and switches to hypo. I had the hyper symptoms in the beginnging (depression, no appetite). Now I have achy joints in my legs/ankles/feet and I am gaining weight like crazy. I workout and eat healthy and still see the scale going up and up. When I walk I feel like an 80 year old hobbling around. I have an appt on the 23rd to talk to my doctor.

          Thanks everyone for sharing so much! Now I can make sure to get my TSH and free T3 and T4 tested. I've been reading this entire thread and taking notes.

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