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Has anyone used Pura Vida weddings?

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We are just starting to look around and get some ideas on having the wedding in Costa Rica. We have come across Pura Vida weddings and are wondering if anyone has used them as their wedding coordinator? The one response we have received was very informative, but before we get too involved, I would like to know more about them. Also, does anyone know what is the standard price to pay for a wedding coordinator in Costa Rica?

Or if someone has used another coordinator they were very happy with, I would like to hear about it.


Thanks for your help!!

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We have worked on several occasions with Pura Vida Weddings (all happy clients), they know and work the Tamarindo, Guancaste area very well. I would have to say that coordination will be based on how elaborate your event would be. Best advice we can give is contact, compare and see who you have chemistry with.


Good luck!

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Hello! I am looking for wedding planners in Costa Rica (Tamarindo,Guanacaste), but have received various quotes and information. Would love if anybody could assist with:


1) Average cost of wedding for 65-95 people - nothing too crazy (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, open bar (3-4 hours max), DJ, photographer)- THE BASICS


2) ANY recommendations for planners - the good, the bad nd the ugly would be so helpful!


I'm indecisive and this is difficult already--- help! :)




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