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Can’t decide ROR, RMB, or Grand Palladium

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Initially we decided it would just be the 2 of us. But now we have decided to invite family and close friends, most wonâ€t be able to attend (economy/job losses), and thatâ€s fine so we will probably have 8-16 people.

We have read months of reviews and wedding reviews for each of these resorts. We just cannot come up with a #1, and #2.

FHâ€s mother will be joining us, and she canâ€t walk a lot. She has a walker, which she probably wonâ€t bring, so it would have to be short distances, and no/minimal stairs.

Now, we know we must be missing something as it should be easier to choose. Here are our thoughts on what we have read/saw.


Grand Palladium –


*BUT probably the largest resort and not good for future MIL,

*ok beaches,

*A/C issues (which is a deal breaker for me, unless this gets 100% resolved).

*Most affordable for my guests by far!!!

*New construction in 2010, building additionshuh.gif

*Cannot bring in outside photographer, cannot afford to fly one in, resort photographer takes average pics at best.


Riu Montego Bay –

*Close to the airport,

*Mosquito problemhuh.gif...I read somewhere that Montego Bay the city, not the resort is flooded with mosquitoshuh.gif.

*I think it is smaller than Riu Ocho Rios, but it has less restaurants

*We can actually afford the Oceanview Jacuzzi Suite (FH desperately wants the Jacuzzi)

*Lining up for reservations is not cool

*Close to town and nightlife which is important to my siblings

*Good Photographer, and can bring in outside photographer


Riu Ocho Rios

*Gets the best reviews

*Lots of restaurants

*Maybe too large for MIL

*Cannot afford the Jacuzzi Suite it is like $1,000 more, compared to mobay which is like $200 more

*Close to town nightlife for siblings, closest to tours for my mom

*Great Beach

*Good Photographer, and can bring in outside photographer


Does anyone have any advice for us? IS there something we are missing? Or is there something that may not be exactly true?

Thanks for any and all input!


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We ddin't have any mosquitos problems at RMB!


I would add thought that the beach at RMB isn't the greatest but it's a great atmosphere for a group of people. Nice size resort! I loved that I didn't have too far to go to look for people.


We wouldn't go back just cause of the beach but everything else was perfect.


Definately a tough decision...I would look into Negril if I were to go back (Riu Tropical Bay). - sorry that didn't help your decision either!!


It may have less retaurants than ROR but we didn't get bored with the food at all. We also ran across to the Burger King across the road which was even yummier than North American Burger King!! so yummy!


It is pretty far away from Ocho and Negril though. We did one excursion that kept us right in Montego Bay and we had a blast snorkelling and Margaritaville.


I don't think you can go wrong with either ROR or RMB so maybe you should base it on price?

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Originally ROR was my choice for my wedding. I went there last May to check it out. We had a good time there, but having to get in line so early to get a reservation for dinner was a real turn off! I was my main reason for switching resorts. For me, vacation means relax, sleep in, not get up at 7:30 am to make sure you get the restuarant of your choice. I did not want to put my guest through that. I also, was not impressed with the natural landscape. The beach is lovely but wedged between another resort and a small craft strip. The beach gazebo is on the craft strip side. I found that a real turn off because the craft strip people stand on the edge of the resort to try to stimulate their business. I would not want them in my pictures. I did see several weddings while visiting the resort. Everyone seemed happy and to be enjoying themselves.


I decided on GPJ. No early wake up for dinner!!!! They also, have a nice rain location in the event that I need it. When we were at the airport in May several guests of the GPJ were raving about the resort flaws and all!! Not one of them complained about the beach. I think it is beautiful. The nataral landscape is very interesting.


In the end, a resort is what you make it. All have their own issues and everyone's expectations are different. Whatever you decided, I wish you the best.

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I got married at the ROR and had a great time.


I didn't have any crafts people watching my wedding. The photoshop will edit any unwanted people, boats etc. out of your pictures.


We were also able to get reservations for dinner if we went to the lobby around 9:30. We were also able to make reservations for the following day if we went in the late afternoon. This could have been because it was low season.

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Thanks for all the replies ladies. It has really helped us alot. We have eliminate RMB, FH doesn't want anywhere that close to the airport.


So, this is what we have decided. If GP has gotten their act together (meaning air conditioning working perfectly, all renovations completed, and IF the new construction has either not started or is far enough that it won't be a bother), in addition if my Future MOther in law opts out we will choose GP.


Otherwise it will be ROR.


We have plenty of time as we don't planon getting marrid till Oct/Nov 2010. So I will keep on eye on the reports.


The thing is my future mother in law says she is coming. But we don't think she knows what is really involved in a vacation...


TRuthfully we are leaning towards ROR anyways, there just doesn't seemto be any major issues there, great beach and a good photographer, plus the ability to hire an outside photographer is awesome.


Pricing will be important because we want to keep it affordable.

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