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Hey girls.. news from me!

We sent in our authorization form and hotel deposit on the wedding package at the Valentin Imperial Maya. I chose Tuesday, June 28th, 2011! So it's pretty well official.


Sweetpea: the site visit at VIM was excellent. We even got to try a drink and let me tell you, they were 10 times better than the drinks at The Royal in Playa del Carmen! The hotel site is huge, but even if they were at 90% (it was March break) capacity, we never once felt cornered by people in the hallways and walkways. My parents stayed at this hotel a few years ago when it first opened.. needless to say, they found it quite boring. I guess management has done a lot to improve what goes on in the evenings because they have 3 theme nights as well as a DJ most nights in the outside lobby terrace as well as some fire shows and other stuff. They have an auditorium but I think they use it only for big shows (like the Michael Jason one).


My travel agent quoted me a price this week... 1755$ per person including taxes. She needs 10 deposits to lock in the rate and wants us to pay in full before October.. which I find WEIRD. Every 16th person is free .. so we are definitely going to use this to pay our photographer's way.


RonnMel: BY THE WAY!...... I am flying down Amelie Cousineau!!!!! We met with her last week and gave the deposit. I was so sick of trying to find someone in Mexico! When you can't meet with them beforehand and their work is done super fast, it's a bit sketchy in my opinion. Amelie is charging us 1575$ plus travel.. but like I said, if I get her ticket for free... that's an AMAZING price.


Other news.. I've lost 11 pounds so far.. wanting to lose another 10-15 before October when I go dress shopping. I'm so excited I have to be super super strict this summer at my parents' place on the Gaspe coast.


My FI and I bought a condo in Boucherville on the south shore, so we'll be in a little condo village near the IKEA (off the highway 20)! We move Aug 18th so lots of boxes to do.


I have decided not to send save the date invites.. my engagement pics didn't come out the way I expected and it's just extra postage and a bother so maybe I'll just send an electronic one, I'm not sure yet!


Invites are being done tomorrow with my co-worker who is doing them for free and I'm so grateful. Will show you pics when they're ready.

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OMG Heidilynn! I'm so jealous that you get Amélie as your photograph! I'm still hoping to win the lottery so I can bring her. Hahaha I loved working with her for the photoshoot I won. :-)


Purpleshells, I may be interested in the turquoise parasol (do you only have 1?), the conch shells and the starfish dishes.

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I could quote your message for some odd reason..so I hope this make sence lol smile35.gif


Congrats on booking your date!!! I know how much of a weight that gets lifted off your shoulders when you finally book your wedding at the resort with a firm date and time


(about the TA and their quote)

See the problem with that is, a lot of guest don't know their plans until closer to the time, or ppl have taken their summer vacation so by Oct, they're not sure of their vacation time (or at least that was our guest's problem)

And I know from being an experince traveller the price of packages go down in price a lot closer to the time. And chances of a resort being fully booked is unlikely. Have you consider being your own TA in since and just putting up a website with all sorts of travel info, this way guest can book when they have the money or closer to the time. (a lot of people don't like booking far advance, knowing anything can happen as well) I do understand that you wouldn't get anything free if you went this route though (I.E free room if you get XX amount of ppl to book, ect..)

Are you currently aware of # of guest who are coming and willing to pay a deposit now?! because if you know for a fact you wont be ablet gwt 15 ppl to put a deposit then you know paying that price isn't worth it.


Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! I know how hard it can be to lose weight especially under a lot pressure and stress!! Keep up the good work!!!cheer2.gif


Again congrats!!!! We just bought a house and we move in August 16th, so close in dates lol!! so exciting owning your own place!! But we bought in Vaudreuil. I feel your pain...I gotta find boxes and someone to take over our lease (we had to let our landlord know in March, we were heavy in our wedding plans we decided to stay another year, but we came back and a house open up, it was perfect for us so we could let the chance get away from us, so we bought it!)


I don't blame you, IMOP Save the dates is a bit of waste of $$, most ppl know your going to do a DDW and when, if they don't know they clearly aren't close enough. I think doing it over email, or making a website is a great idea.

heres what I did to give you an idea (and it's free)

Welcome to our Destination Wedding Website | Welcome | TracyandMike


Aww that's supper nice of your co-worker to help you with the invites for free!! can't wait to see them!!

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Hey again!


Got our engagement pics last night.. purpleshells: don't really like them.. more because of my fat face than anything damnit!! Plus the photographer used a very "edgy" lense which didn't really advantage us. Anyways, we have a few printed out and one 8x12 to put in a frame. I'll post some this summer once we get to my parents' place. I have a busy two days ahead of me packing and buying last minute things. We leave Thursday and I'm staying on the Gaspe coast for 6 weeks!


Tracy: Yesss lots going on these days and it seems like I don't know where to put myself! I have decided to wait for the booking until October. We are at least 14 people confirmed without counting my FI's family (God knows if they're coming yet..). Which means I'm only missing 2 people to book in order to get my photographer's package for free.. which we're REALLY counting on because that's a chunk of our budget right there.


My invitations are gorgeoussssss.. again, I will post pics once I get organized at my parents' place!

Now I'm just trying to find cardstock with one glossy side for my boarding pass invite tickets.. off to bureau en gros!

Have a great day girls!!!

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items still available; starfish Garter 15$, starfish dishes x 5 5$/each, ivory satin parasol 15$, 2 conch sells 5$/each, impression bridal gown 600$, chiffon dress 60$!


photos below :)  let melet

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I work with a TA named Yenny, from Club Voyages at Fairview Pointe-Claire Mall. She's great, and we especially love that she not only speak French and English, but Spanish too. :)

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