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Thanks ladies!


I've been overweight for so long, apparently since birth, that I'm still getting used to the new me, but my husband seems to love it love.gif


Yes autjo, I think I'm working with Tamara or at least she's the one who has been replying to my emails.


Jananaz, I found some Houston photogs that did Boudoir Pics such as Houston Boudoir Photography, through a woman's eye - classy, sensual, and fun portraits and Houston Boudoir Photography Photo Gallery by Houston Boudoir Photographer Nolan Conley .. I just did a google search for Houston Boudoir

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ugh I am SO nervous about the idea of doing BD photos! I am totally uncomfortable with my legs...cellulite=YUCK!...i feel like I need a photog that does some mean editing....I am still undecided on what to do!

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