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It's Official- I am an Atlantis Bride!!

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Originally Posted by *slm* View Post

Classadiva- Thank you so much! That info helps so much! I am definitely going to contact those DJ's to see what they say. Our ceremony is 3pm-3:30pm (which I want music for) and then we are having a 1hr cocktail hour right afterward with music. So should I ask for 1.5hrs of DJ service? or half h of audio and an hour of DJ?


Thanks for the Mandara info. I iwll probably end up not doing the Wedded Bliss pkg because I don't need a mani/pedi. I can't get a straight answer out of Shakeria there either in regard to what the pkg includes. It says shampoo+style but I need an updo. So I asked her if "style" is considered a "bridal updo" because they are both listed separately in their menu. She keeps skipping around the answer. I don't want to spend $220 on a bridal pkg if it doesn't include an updo, which is listed as $85 and up!


Was Alphanique just as sweet in person as she is via email? I just LOVE her! She told us we could ship items to her for the wedding if we wanted. So I will probably ship out my programs, cocktail table centerpieces, etc...because we are arriving by cruiseship, so we can't bring that stuff on the ship.


I can't wait to see pictures!!!! :)

Hi...so sorry it took me so long to respond...I think you should just ask for the price to set up the audio if you need it...you may not...it depends upon how many people that you have...and ask for the price to play the music.  Just ask for what you need and havethem give you a price.


Yes...Alphaniique is just as sweet in person...I would try to ship out what you need now so that it is scheduled to arrive before you leave on your cruise...if there are any problems..you want to be able to fix them.  Good luck to you!!

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Originally Posted by skp1 View Post

I'm glad I stumbled upon this.  I just started the planning stages of my Atlantis wedding next June.  My wedding sales person is awesome - she's totally honest and forthcoming with vendor recommendations.  I've only had one call with my coordinator so far and my initial impression is that she isn't really listening to me and pushing a certain agenda.  Based on everyone's comments here, that isn't typical so if she isn't any different on the next call, I'm asking to switch.  I'm also doing the a la carte wedding as we weren't interested in half the things in the package.  I'm in the process of picking vendors to meet on our site visit in October - so far I only had one thing I was sure of and that was Matthew Sweeting and he's not available!  I'm soooo sad.  I really wanted something casual and off-beat.  Now I'm trying to find:


floral/decor - I don't want to spend a lot - my feeling is that the destination is the decor.  I'll check the ones recommended here

photographer - sounds like no one used a local so far.  I know I DON'T want to use Atlantis

DJ - sounds like it makes sense to go outside of Atlantis on this one

entertainment - we'd like a junkanoo thing but it seemed ridiculously priced by Atlantis.  Any suggestions?


I'm having trouble figuring out music for the ceremony.  We know we want a DJ at the reception but I can't justify spending $400 or so dollars for music at the ceremony when all you need are 2 songs - processional and recessional.  What is everyone else doing?


My wedding sales person recommended Apryl Weech for hair & makeup b/c she's heard mixed reviews about Madera.  I haven't called yet so I don't know any information. 


I wish I could share more, but I'm in the early stages.  And I thought a destination wedding would be easy! 

I'm surprised that an Atlantis salesperson would recommend anyone other than someone at the Madera spa...that is a little odd.  In any event, maybe you can get the DJ to come to the ceremony and load up two songs and save some money.  What I did was to hire a steel pan drummer on my own..but he was horrible.   As for the wedding coordinators...I hope that everything works out for you...before I had Alphanique I had Kimly.  I was switched from her because she was on medical leave..if she is back and/or still working there and you can't get Alphanique...perhaps you could ask for her.  I met her at my site visit and I also thought that she was an excellent coordinator.


 The only advice I can give is that while I definitely made out just fine with many of the vendors I found..I also got a stinker in the bunch...just do your research.

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I think things have a way of working themselves out.  Yesterday we discovered that 10 people in my FI's family had a prior commitment (he didn't check when we booked the date).  We moved the wedding a week later and luckily my preferred venues at Atlantis were available and better yet, Matthew Sweeting is available!  I spoke to the wedding coordinator again and feel better about her.  I also called the DJ recommended by MD2002 who is also on Sweeting's website as a link.  Its not a huge amount less than Atlantis but he has a flat fee for 5 hours as opposed to Atlantis's hourly rate so it gives more flexibility - like I can use him for the cocktail hour or if everyone is having a grand time at the reception, we can extend the party.  He would charge additional for the ceremony but not that much.  I had considered asking a friend to man an Ipod during the ceremony but I really don't want to make anyone work so I will probably just pay the extra and have it covered.  Thanks for the info about the steel pan drummer - I had considered it for the cocktail reception but if the DJ is already paid for I'll probably go with that.  Now on to flowers and decor.....

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I am about to start the process of booking and need some suggestions!!!


where did you all chose for your ceremony and reception locations?


You didnt pick any of their packages , did everything a la carte?


can anyone recommend a videographer?


When you sign the contract, you gave an approx # of guests/rooms?  or did you have to guarantee a certain #?



Thanks! All this makes me so nervous.. but excited!!

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Congrats Taryn,


I'm still in the newbie stage but can offer what I know so far.  All my decisions are based on photos, recommendations and my recollection from prior vacations.  Pending my site visit in October I am having my ceremony on the Royal Overlook and the reception/cocktail hour in Fathoms.  I knew I wanted to be married outside but not on the beach.  Royal Overlook seemed to have the best views.  I also knew I wanted the reception indoors and my wedding sales person suggested Fathoms.  It's close to the ceremony site so everything can be well coordinated.  And its really cool - its downstairs next to the Dig so the walls on one side are glass and you can watch the fish.  Definitely NOT like a typical hotel ballroom.  I am doing a la carte - the packages had extra stuff I didn't need.  I haven't signed the contract but from what I understand to get the group rate you have to guarantee 10 rooms for 3 nights.  Hopefully it won't be an issue but I guess we'll make up the difference if we have to.


Good luck!!!!  this message board has been awesome.

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Thanks for your help. I want a beach wedding but not reception. What is Fathoms? Where can i see pictures of this?

I was under the impression that if I pick a package, I can subtract some things and add others, almost customize it a little bit.. who have you been talking to there?


Thanks again :)

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