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I want a getaway - 3-4 days - where to go? We live in Houston.

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Hi everyone,


My work and school are canceled next week and so DH and I have Thursday night - Sunday off. I WANT TO GET AWAY! wink.gif The only problem is where to go!


We live in Houston, so we have two airports in the city, and we're also driving distance to Galveston, which was making me think: cruise!


Then again, we live about a 5 hour drive to New Orleans, and that was my other thought. We've been to Austin and San Antonio and really enjoyed it, but want to to try some different places. We're going to Hill Country next month for a wedding.


Any ideas ladies? What's good this time of year? We can drive or fly, doesn't matter, we just want to do something fun. DH says he's down for anything! :)

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Oooh all great ideas.


Bookit is showing good deals for areas in Mexico and especially good deals for Treasure Island in Vegas and Four Points in Orlando.


Checked Carnival Cruises leaving from Galveston too.... no luck... all leave to early on Thursday and don't get back til Monday sad.gif Too bad, there are some great deals. If anyone can get a week after later in the month, there is a 5 day cruise to Mexico for $299!


Oooh... we love Key West too :)

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