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Hi Ladies!

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Thanks everyone!! I am soo excited! I was married before, yes I am only 26.. but turns out he had a heavy hand, that he very much liked to use. So, as I had said this is very non-traditional, I have been divorced only a little over a year, and it has been a little bit of a nightmare. I went on a few dates.. and Kris ended up being a blind date some friends at work set me up on.. the minute he walked in i fell in love.. he is everything that I never knew existed, and continues to show more everyday. He is afraid to officially get engaged, since the last left him 2 weeks before.. so I have no ring yet (its in hiding lol) and he does not want to tell family until we are close to the wedding. I convinced him last night that it is only fair to give a few months notice, because I have a feeling quite a few will want to come. I cracked, and told a few of my family members yesterday and every one of them want to come. :) I think he was a little happy that I did, maybe laying down some cement, so he understands that I am not going anywhere.. So now that you know my life story lol.. Thanks again for all the welcomes, and congrats Ladies :)) Let the fun begin!

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