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Are you having a bridal shower? Is it proper to have one with a DW?

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#11 shakeimap

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    Posted 13 October 2009 - 10:18 AM

    I invited everyone to the wedding that was close to me and we really wanted to be there. Manly close friends and immediate family. Not everyone could afford to go to the wedding so I'm having a girls night as a way for them to celebrate with us although could not make it to the wedding. This was my MOH of honors idea and she insisted that it be done.

    Also I eas feeling bad about people coming to the wedding and giving gifts. I am not requesting gifts and have not registered anywhere.

    #12 Laura22610

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      Posted 13 October 2009 - 11:08 AM

      Just to clarify because I am not sure if my first post was totally clear My MOH and my BM are hosting and planning my shower. I did not want to have one at first but my sister talked me into letting her do it :) There are going to be people invited who aren't invited to Mexico but I am sending out STD's to let them know that they are invited to my AHR. Here are a few sites with destination wedding bridal shower etiquette that I found....

      Destination Wedding Etiquette - Bridal Showers: Can we have one? Who do we invite?

      Etiquette Q&A - Destination Wedding Etiquette - Questions about Etiquette

      Bridal Shower Etiquette for Destination Weddings | Travels.com

      #13 diamondpooch

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        Posted 13 October 2009 - 11:25 AM

        I am having a shower. My MOH is insisting I invite whoever I want. I'm going to invite everyone who I invited to my wedding. Even if they aren't able to come, I still invited them, so I'm going to invite them to my shower.

        #14 autjo

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          Posted 13 October 2009 - 11:29 AM

          My aunt and some family friends are hosting a shower next weekend. My un-bridesmaids also threw me a bachelorette party. I just insisted that for both parties, everyone invited was on my DW/AHR guestlist.

          #15 jenv

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            Posted 13 October 2009 - 11:51 AM

            i am not personally having one but i know my MOH will have one in my hometown and my aunt is having one where i live now!!!! you shouldn't have to worry about the bridal shower it is your moh responsiblilty or someone in your family and they will do all the inviting but you can put your input in on who should or shouldn't be invited.
            i know that we are going to regester somewhere just cause our italian side said we had to but i don't expect to get everything we asked for.
            don't worry to much about it!!!

            #16 alkoch

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              Posted 13 October 2009 - 12:03 PM

              I am having 3 separate showers my side, my FI side and my friends are throwing me each one. I think they are only inviting people that are invited to the wedding but I have heard of people who invite people who are not going to the wedding - like church friends or friends of the mothers. I suspect my Grandma might invite some church ladies that are not invited to the wedding. While I am not a huge fan of showers, some people might want to go even if they are not going to the wedding - I think you should let the people hosting the shower make final decisions, then its not on you!

              Good luck

              #17 classadiva

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                Posted 14 October 2009 - 09:01 AM

                I have already been told that I am having a shower and a bachelorette party. Luckily, those whom want to throw it have already said that it is proper to only invite those that I invite to my wedding. If I were having a AHR, I would think that it would be okay to invite those invited to the AHR to a shower.

                A few years ago I was invited to a bridal shower and NOT the DW and let me tell you...I was like WTF? Don't do that. I was not upset at all at not being invited to the wedding as we were not good friends....basically acquaintances, but when I got the invite to the shower, I thought that it was in bad taste. It's like saying that you are good enough to bring me a gift, but did not quite make the cut as a guest. If this were a small affair....perhaps...but at least 100 people were there.

                #18 JT3

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                  Posted 14 October 2009 - 10:55 AM

                  My mom and aunts have been bothering me about registering... So I went and registered so I guess my mom is throwing my bridal shower...

                  #19 allyson779

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                    Posted 14 October 2009 - 11:13 AM

                    It's a tough one... My MOH is throwing me a bridal shower, but we are only inviting those who were also invited to the wedding.
                    After the wedding we are going to have an informal party where everyone will be invited.
                    Bride & Groom plus 86 booked!!!

                    #20 **~Linda~**

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                      Posted 14 October 2009 - 12:46 PM

                      My FMIL had a bridal shower for me back when i went to NY this summer. It was great and everyone had a blast. Most of the people knew about the DW and also that we were going to have an AHR so they were ok with everything..

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