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My invitiations are from Etsy.. (We are putting the finishing touches on them)... but for 150 invitations (yes we are inviting tons of family and friends) we are getting them at $4 each for a total of $600.. with response cards & pre-addressed envelopes for both. 


They are pocketfolds with 4 inserts in them (1 being the Response Card). 


Hope this helps! 

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 I had custom pocketfolds invites made and they cost an effing fortune. Seriously it was like $1600 for 60 invites or something like that. They were really nice though, letterpress and multi colored.

I don't recommend spending a ton on invites though that's my biggest regret. Because like 25% of the people actually used the RSVP card and pretty sure people don't pay too much attention to them.

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Wow can i see a picture of your $1600 invites?? they mustve been out of this world beautiful!


I spend about $275(including materials that i will use for other wedding projects, paper cutters etc) and i made about 70 invites. that's about 3.95 per invite....


here is a link to mine....i made passport invites!



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