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Honeymoon in Caribbean or Hawaii?

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I havn't been to all of those places, but let me just say this. While we loved Hawaii it is really expensive and really hard to come by an all inclusive resort, meaning you are stuck making lunches dinners etc or are spending a lot eating out. This is somewhere that we have decided that we wouldn't go back to. St Lucia, and St Martin are Great and somewhere that I have on my list to attend again. We only had one day on a cruise on both locations and it wasn't long enough!! Antigua is another on my list to get to and spend some more time as are Bonaire and Cucacao. They are known as the ABC islands and depending on the time of year your going are less likely to have bad weather as hurricanes don't tend to go that way. Aruba Bonaire Curacao TravelGuide - ABC islands


Its a deff a personal choice but I hope this helps in some way.

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