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dining in Key West

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We are getting married in Key West next Friday (YAY!)


We have everything thing planned except places to eat - we will be there for about 4 days. I've looked at all kinds of menus online and checked TripAdvisor, but I am really hoping to get some "real life" opinions. I am excited to have fresh seafood!


Any opinions, tips, 'must eat here's', or 'don't eat there's' would be greatly appreciated!!!



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The two restaurants that were amazing that I can remember off the top of my head were:


1. Latitudes: This is where I got engaged :) A boat takes you to Sunset Key Island and the restaurant was beautiful. It's beachfront dining and they had pretty great food. It's a bit expensive..I believe the entrees were around $25-30. I'm vegetarian and they were also very accommodating. The rest of my family isn't veg and they loved their food.



2. Conch Republic Seafood Company: They also had amazing food. Again, I'm vegetarian and they made me a fantastic dish! The rest of my family got seafood entrees and they loved their food.

Conch Republic Seafood


And oh yeah, I just remembered another one! There was this great Cuban food restaurant near Mallory Square.

El Meson de Pepe

Their food was also delicious!


I've only been to Key West once and it was for a few days so I'm no expert but I hope this helps out!

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We're getting married in Key West too - June 2010. I've been about four times and love it more each time!


Restaurant ideas:


Seven Fish is fantastic for seafood (and anything else).

305 296 2777


Good Life

I went there in May 2009 and they had only been open less then a year. The food was tremendous and the service was excellent. Their website is not working, so I don't know if they survived the bad economy.

(305) 296-8484


Blue Heaven

This place is a hoot (in a good way) - outdoor dining with roosters wandering around. They are known for their Sunday brunch (which is excellent and there is always a wait), but dinner is very good too.

(305) 296-8666


Help Yourself

Great breakfast & lunch spot for grab and go sandwiches, salads & smoothies. All organic. Only a few benches outside for sitting, but you can take it and have a picnic on the beach.




When I ate here, my friend and I just ordered a bunch of appetizers to split for dinner - everything was excellent!


I second El Meson de Pepe

Good food, great mojitos and your can easily hit Mallory Square before or after dinner for the sunset celebration.


Another great sunset spot: last time I was there (May 2009), my friend and I had drinks at the Pier House Wine Gallery Piano Bar. The bartender sent us out to the private deck for the condos next door (which were relatively empty) and we had a great, private view of the sunset while we sipped our drinks.


Have a great time in Key West and a wonderful wedding!!!

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