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FREE wedding photography (another contest)

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Ooohh - not a lot of people are on during the day Sunday ... but for those of you that are, it's a great chance to get into this contact while you can!

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Only 2 more hours if you want to get your entry in! This is tough........ I love every entry I have received so far. Way to ROCK it ladies! E-mail updates coming soon to those that entered...Stay tuned

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What won our hearts was the story of the proposal and the way it was told was unique which I will share.


Our Proposal


Elizabeth: Jason proposed to me on my 28th birthday.


Jason: I was afraid if I planned something "out of the ordinary" she might be suspicious, so I chose her birthday.


Elizabeth: I took a half day of work to spend with Jason. He took me to my favorite lunch spot, The Med.


Jason: I gave Bit a couple options of things she might enjoy doing on her birthday. They consisted of: A butterfly pavilion, a Denver Museum, or a nearby Orchid Garden. I knew full well which one she would choose; she loves orchids.


Elizabeth: I didn't even have to think twice, I chose the orchids. Jason agreed to take me there after lunch and opening gifts at home.


Jason: I was surprisingly calm until we pulled into our apartment complex, but she didn't seem to notice anything.


Elizabeth: Upon walking into the apartment as Jason said it best, he "brought the orchid garden to me". There were orchids decorating the entire room.


Jason: I wished her a happy birthday and waited.......... finally I said, "which do you like best?"


Elizabeth: I took a closer look to examine which I liked best and there I found a ring dangling from the stem of the only orchid that had grown a "pair" of flowers.


Jason: Her reaction is best described as shock.


Elizabeth: I turned to him, as he knelt down on one knee.


Jason: I had a proposal speech prepared, but Bit immediately started to cry, so I don't think it came out as planned.


Elizabeth: Through my tears, I said "I have no idea what you just said, but yes!"

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