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I PICKED MY DATE!!!! Finally.

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ah man, adults only. It looks super cool though:


HOLY COW WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ROYALE WEDDING* for 2009 & 2010


Our Royale Package includes the following:


* Wedding location

* Personal Wedding Planner

* Justice of the Peace or Non Denominational Minister

* Marriage certificate for civil ceremonies (documents issued in Spanish)

* Special Butler service on the day of the wedding

* White wine during the ceremony

* Royale wedding cake

* Cymbidium orchid bridal bouquet

* Cymbidium orchid boutonniere

* Sound equipment for ceremony

* Dinner reservations for wedding party 1

* Special breakfast in bed the morning after the wedding

* Two Le Blanc Signature totes 3

* Two Le Blanc Signature bathrobes 3

* A romantic dinner for two during the stay 3




* Chocolate Bamboo Chuppah

* Delicate violet crystals cascading from the Chuppah

* Rich chiffon curtains in violet and lilac draped on Chuppah

* Chocolate table for ceremony covered with a shimmery gold overlay and lilac silk runner

* Two golden spheres with orchid decor

* Two lavish silk cymbidium orchid arrangements with gold vases

* One crystal plum vase

* Chocolate Tiffany chairs 2

* Purple organza chair covers with gold ribbon tie

* Four bamboos draped with orchids aligning the aisle walkway


Royale Wedding Package: $1,499.00 USD


Note: Package inclusions cannot be exchanged for other services. Packages must be reserved at least 14 business days in advance. A minimum 4 night stay is required. This offer is valid for guests staying at Le Blanc Spa Resort in addition to the room rate. Package can be accommodated on the Beach or Garden locations. Also available in vibrant green color.


All decor is property of Le Blanc Spa Resort and will exclusively be used during the wedding ceremony unless specified otherwise by the wedding package.


1 At select restaurants (up to 25 guests).


2 Tiffany chairs provided for 60 guests during the ceremony.


3 The Honeymoon package is included.

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I googled it too after I saw your post - that wedding package really is an amazing deal!! Too bad we have one kid on our guest list who I would feel bad excluding... I think you made a great choice though, I'm surprised more people on here don't choose that resort!

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I think the "adult only" situation was a problem for a ton of people. I talked to a lot of girls on here that said that was their first choice, but they had a couple children in their group. And the fact that it is IN Cancun and not outside Cancun. It took me a minute to get over that, but I just loved the resort too much to turn it down. It's a lot like Azul Sensatori, but adults only! Even the "complimentary wedding" is awesome! I am trying to figure out if I am better off doing the "complimentary wedding" and paying for stuff individually or buying "the signature wedding" and just changing a few things. OH, and the best thing is this: the wedding coordinators and travel people there are awesome! They literally email me RIGHT BACK! It's crazy!

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Congrats on picking your date! So exciting! You will have so much fun being in Cancun! I've never been there so traveling to our wedding in Puerto Aventuras will be the first time for us in Cancun or the Riviera Maya!


Good luck with the rest of your planning! Yeee-hahhhh!!!! :)

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