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Trying to change my name...STRESSED

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So I don't know what I was thinking when I got married in Mexico a few months ago and somehow didn't choose to purchase my marriage certificate in English. But it has pretty much ruined my life.


When I got back, I headed down to the Social Security Office, expecting a visit similar to my experiences with the DMV (which as we all know, are never good) but I was pleasantly surprised. I was in and out in about 15-20 minutes and I think it was just a week later that I had my brand new social security card in hand.


So I prepare myself for the DMV, both physically with every form I can find and mentally with the patience and calmness to get through it.


When I enter my lovely DMV I opt to stand in the not-so-long "information" line, rather than the out-the-door "license" line. I wanted to make sure I had the right documents before wasting my time in a line. I think I only stood for about 2 minutes, behind 1-2 other customers before making it to the info counter. There was a unbelievably pleasant woman behind the counter who informed me that I had all the right paperwork and I could go stand in line 4 for my new license. She also verified that it would be no problem that my marriage certificate was in Spanish (I had called earlier that week). So I walked on over to the other side of the DMV to find that line 4 was not the out-the-door line (which was line 3) but instead a completely empty line next to it. As soon as I stood at the front I was called to the counter. Despite the dirty looks I got from the impatient people in line 3, this was by far the best experience I had ever had at the DMV.


Well let's not get carried away now...the DMV would never let that happen. When the woman behind the counter greeted me and I handed her my form and my certificate she frowned and said that she didn't speak Spanish. I explained that I was told that wasn't a problem and she said that it wasn't, but she would feel more comfortable if the woman standing next to her (taking care of someone from line 3) would do it instead. However, when she asked the woman if she would take care of me, she said my certificate could not be in Spanish and I needed to have it translated. The woman taking care of me was like ok, and relayed that information to me (even though standing right there I had heard it anyway) and I explained again that both someone on the phone and the woman in the information line said it was fine. Line 3 woman again said no, and to make matters worse, it had to be translated by a place that the DMV accepted. When I asked how I was supposed to know what places that included, she said there was a list somewhere in the back. The woman helping me knew none of this, so the line 3 woman had to leave line 3 (causing more glares at me) to go find me this list. It took, no joke, at least 10 minutes. I thought I was going to be murdered, not by the DMV employees, but instead by the irate customers in line 3 who I was holding up.


So I finally get my hands on this list and the closest place is an hour away from me. In what I think is a stroke of genius, I decide to email my WC where I got married and see if I can still get the translated copy that was offered. Well, I can, however, now it costs $175. They have to first order copies in Spanish (and there's a minimum of 5) and then translate it, and then ship it.


The kicker? When we got married, all I had to do was check a little box saying I wanted a copy in English and it would have cost me $45.



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Yea I had no problem at the SS office either...I went with my temporary license and got my SS card very quickly...totally different story at the DMV...they would not do it with the temporary certificate and I didn't get my other one in the mail and on top of that we moved so who knows where the marriage license is...so i ordered a copy for $45 online last night...hopefully it gets here soon because i have been half way through the process for over a month and i never know which name to sign!

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Yeah it's been a month for me too. I've already changed my name at work, so I have to sign my new one there. But everywhere else I sign the old one since that's what is on my license. I'm just waiting for it to become an issue with things not matching.


But seriously, I feel like SS should trump DMV!

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Ug, sounds like a nightmare. I lost my SS card a long time ago and am nervous to go try and get a replacement but my dilemma is not nearly as complicated as yours!

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