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We finally decided on favors. Music is such a huge part of our lives, so we decided on making CD's. We were thinking we would put a few songs from the wedding, some songs from our childhood, and songs that mean a lot from our relationship. Than I came across this idea while googling, and someone asked their bridal party and parents what their favorite love song was. They made the cd of all the love songs, and in the insert put who picked which song.


That sounds like a fun idea. And with 20 guests, I could ask all of them. That would mean at least one song on there they like. LOL Its kind of nice to include the guests I things to :)


Some people have said, some people may not like that since they dont have the same taste in music as you. But we were planning on making the cd off all genres and age groups.


What do you think?

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Originally Posted by SgtPepperette View Post
Just to make sure, you girls like the idea of asking the guests their favorite love songs?
You betcha! :) I think it's a great way to include everyone, such a cute idea!

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