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What a whirlwind this whole wedding dress shopping thing is! I know many of you ladies have found your dress and loved it looking no further. Then there have been some that changed their minds and wound up with two dresses - that would be me. A while back in July I posted my wedding dress ecstatic and thank you everyone for the positive reinforcement but something in my head kept telling me to just take another look ...and I did and I found my dream dress (see below) !!!!!!! Now I have to figure out how to sell the original one I bought since the store couldn't cancel the order sad.gif


It looks way better in person!!!!! OMG I LOVE IT!




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Oh my gosh love the dress!! I was in the same boat as you!!! I thought for sure I chose the wrong dress etc etc. So I went back and tried on 12 more dresses and the last one was my dress and I still loved it. I think I hated the fact that the dress shopping was over for me!!! Lol just one more experience hehe. I love my dress.. its def the one!!


Good for you for going back and finding your dream dress !!! yayayay!

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