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How long is too long to have your reception after your weding? I am getting married in November, and not sure when the latest is I can have a reception. Problem being that my FI's brother is getting married in February, and we don't want to take any attention away from them by having our reception too close to theirs.

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I really like Susie's idea about putting a little note in your X-mas cards about the upcoming reception.  Then you can send out reception invites 2 months ahead of the reception date.


We had a similar situation -- DW in February and 2 AHRs in June and July.  On our wedding invitations, we said something like, "for those who are unable to travel with us to Mexico, we will be holding informal celebrations in Alberta and Michigan this summer."  That seemed to work well, because then people didn't feel obligated to try to make it to the DW and also felt that they were being included.  We had great turnouts at both AHRs.


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