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Multiple bridal showers

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Hey ladies,


I am getting a little bit stressed about this whole thing. My aunt/cousin(one of my bridesmaid) is planning to throw me a family bridal shower on my mom's side. My FSIL called my mom to see if they could do one together for both of our families. The thing is that my mom has a huge family..she has 7 sisters and way too many nieces and my aunt is planning to only invite the females on my mom's side.


I already told my aunt yes when she asked me if it was ok for her to throw me a family bridal shower. My mom told my FSIL that and she didn't seem too happy.


I feel bad but she could give me one for my FI's family. I just think its $$$ and she just wanted to split money for the bridal shower. She is currently unemployed and isn't looking for a job. I just think it would be too big if i had two families together.


My maid of honor is planning to throw me another one for my sorority sisters/friends. maybe i can tell my FSIL to partner up with my maid of honor and throw me one. She wanted to do it with my family.


I don't know what to think. I honestly thought it wouldn't be a big deal because my cousin got married this past july...she had 3 showers (one on her mom's side, one on her FI's side and friends).


What can I say to her next time i see her?? my mom did tell her that she, my FI's mom and sister in law were invited to the shower.

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