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May 2010 Brides!

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will do - so far I know we are going here:




Houndstooth Pub New York City Restaurant and Lounge - 520 8th Avenue @ 37th Street, Fashion Center, NYC, 10018




American Craft Beer, NYC, New York City, The Pony Bar




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The Perfect Pint - NYC's premier venue for the greatest food and traditional Irish atmosphere


I'll get some good pics, everyone is to wear pink =)

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Shannon that sounds like a lot of fun and I agree with Kitten heart that time flies when you drunk and having fun.

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JT - I love the bag!! Your monogram is really cute!


Shannon - WOO HOO! Have a fabulous day!! We can't wait to see/hear all about it!


Jenny- hang in there!! You'll get through it all just fine! Try to relax & enjoy each event though, cuz it'll be over super fast. :) Congratulations on your legal day!

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It's officially less than a month until we leave! I can't believe how fast it's coming!


I had my 2nd fitting last week which turned out to be my final fitting since my dress fit beautifully! I was going to have my bridesmaid take it to her house for me but when I was dropping her off I decided I couldn't part with it and took it home instead! Since the FI wasn't home, I put it on again and wondered around the house for awhile. hahaha


I feel like I should have more to do but at this point I'm just willing to roll with it. I hope I won't live to regret it but we're not concerned at all with the structure of the ceremony. We're just going to show up and see what happens! Same with centerpieces and decor stuff. Just going to go with whatever they decide to put out!


Things I'd still like to do:

- Pre-departure mailout

- Seating arrangement

- Frames for table numbers

- Guest book

- Shop for new bathing suits and vacation clothes

- Welcome letter (our "wedding week survival kits" are done and our mugs are on the way! We're sending them all down with my mom who is going before us so they can be put in everyone's room before they arrive)


Hmmm...what else...oh yeah, get legally married before we go! And showers and a stagette! I've decided I'm really going to enjoy these next few weeks of pre-wedding excitement and not let myself get lost in the details!

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I've been reading everyone's posts. I feel like I have a million things to do but its less than that. We leave for our destination on 02 May and here is what I still need to do...


  1. Buy wedding day make up
  2. Buy wedding jewelry
  3. Buy bag to take dress on the plane (the dress shop literally gave me a white trash bag...not happy)
  4. Buy a few new clothes
  5. Search and buy gifts for my MOH and the Moms
  6. Pack
  7. Put a deposit down on our dinner reception at the local restaurant (still waiting on one person's entree choice)
  8. Finish our AHR invites, well only one part which I plan to print this week for my mom. My mom is sending them out literally as she walks out the door.
  9. Reconfirm hotel accommodations
  10. Reconfirm photographer since it's been a few months since we spoke via email
  11. Send a package of information to our wedding planner for our ceremony (that is on the list for today)

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Wow, hope everyone had a good weekend with parties! We celebrated my nephews 2nd birthday this weekend, so much fun, he is adorable. Now to get back to work & planning...so I still have (that I can think of)

Vows (ugh)


Welcome letter/message

Gift tags for my bags (luckily the bags are done)

Getting FI's khaki pants/dress shoes (only for certain restaurants)

Getting my straps altered on my gown (too big)

Make sure we have enough clothes for the trip

Pay balance for photographer...


Hmmm I still feel like I am forgetting things.

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i'm so glad i asked about what people have left. these lists have been so helpful. keep 'em coming! (plus it makes me feel better that i'm not the only one with so much left to do!)

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