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May 2010 Brides!

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Oh yeah...rings =)



INVITIATIONS went out today....YEAH!!!!!! I will post pics later.


Once we get the RSVPs we can order stuff for the OOT bags. I did the program template, now have to print/and put them together =)


Had three typos on the envelopes...double and triple check ladies....just a small piece of advice =)

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Originally Posted by KRama View Post
I'm a May 12th bride too! I haven't seen another one on here yet!
You are also the first one that I have seen!!! smile29.gif

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Hello Ladies I cannot believe that I forgot about this POST I am so happy I found it again. I have been reading all the replies I have missed and I am so happy I am not the only one STRESSED....

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Oh my GOSH!! I am sooo overwhelmed!!! I am a May 30th, 2010 bride and have SOO much still to do! How in the world do you ladies do all of the DIY, etc....and still have a job, life, etc..??!! I feel like I don't have enough time in the day to research and yet so many brides have already done the research for me/us! I guess after I get back from Sundance snowboarding Jan. 20-24, I will be able to focus more and hunker down and get things done!?! Oh, and did I mention that we might be relocating from SC to Vancouver mid April?!! OMG if I make it through this, I can make it through ANYTHING!!


I hope to have our invitation passport style form completed by the end of the month to get things rolling there. One thing at a time is my motto so far.


Checklist complete:

-Dresses (2 out of 3 ordered)


-Location & date

-BM dresses ordered

-STD's sent out this week

-Inspiration boards for each event for vendors/WC

-STD planning thread

-Hair stylist


Checklist To-do:

-OOT bags (This is the BIG one)


-old, new, borrowed, blue

-Cake (grooms)

-Grooms/man attire

-Jewelry, accessories


-Table #'s, menus, and namecards, Oh my! wink.gif

-and on, and on, and on......I have to stop here bc I am stressing out just writing this LOL!!! The reality of getting all of this done is what it is and has to be done, but it is definitely stressful and makes me miss my Mom even more. I wish I had some consistent help, well any help would be nice. sad.gif

But I am so glad that I have this forum to lean on and use! I do not know what I wdve done without you ALL!!


Congrats to EVERYONE and Thanks for all of the sharing and excitement! :)

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Hey everyone, Happy New Year! Happy wedding year!! Only 4 months to go - EEK! It's gonna come really fast!

We finally got people to book, though it was only in the last few days. Our rsvp deadline was Jan 1st & booking deadline was Jan 5th (bad timing but the hotel set the date). But we've been out of town visiting family for 2 weeks so haven't been home to receive the rsvp's. So I sent out a reminder email Saturday to everyone who hadn't booked (which was almost everyone). I included the room rates, our website & travel agent info and asked people to let us know their plans. It really helped nudge people who are planning on coming and those who aren't just sent me an email back (got a lot of "no's" but at least we know now!). I think we had 10 rooms book on the final day. Bunch of procrastinators & I seriously can't understand why it's so freaking hard to send back a stupid rsvp card! ugh.


Anyway, tomorrow's my BD shoot! It's combined with my bachelorette party so I'm doing it w/ my 3 BM's and then we're having a girls night with a bunch of friends afterward. I'm nervous but excited too. But I really really wish I hadn't indulged so much over the holidays.

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